Unite the Motherland

The comment , that, “the Almighty created this Motherland”, then we better pull our fingers out Pronto and work hard at Uniting this Motherland because He also says, that, we only deserve what we can do for ourselves!!!

Divided!!!! how can you even accommodate such a treacherous notion!! of dividing????……2 things are for certain in Pakistan that, Islam, khabhee bhee khatray main nahin tha, na hai, na ho ga!* Secondly, that, no red blooded Pakistani of any religion ever entertained the notion, so Never entertain it now!!!

We just have to work harder at being a better nation that deserves this Glorious Motherland! Join the Movement!

I praise the courage and spirit of all Pakistanis, in particular those around Manawan village, who did what they did yesterday to fight this menace! Our Police Jawans/recruits are the finest!!!, its not their fault they are not trained for this sort of activity!!!

Those who have not lived in the North or even speak their language cannot even start to understand the fierce loyalty, love and appreciation they have for Pakistan & Islam, I am a Pakistani who spent many years of my youth in the ‘North’ some of my best friendships are with the people there, and I have tremendous respect for the ‘North’ as you choose to call it! Frontier, Pathans and Pukhtunkhwa are all a very integral part of this Motherland! The Afghans on the other hand, are a totally different matter! Remember north is just a compass heading/reading!

*For those who cant understand, Islam was never in danger nor is it or will ever be!


People of Pakistan Unite under The Crescent & Star!

Get rid of all the party flags we proudly wave… and rally under the one and only Crescent & Star!
Parcham e Sitara e Hilal… Stand together against all the enemies of our Motherland! Now is the defining moment!!!!
We all need to motivate everyone else to decide on aday when we can all make a protest in a unique way so that our numbers simply are so overwhelming that the message is loud and clear; Lets organise the movement of people to demonstrate against the enemies of our Motherland …any ideas? use my blog if you like….. here we can all rally together and plan a movement like no other before UNITE!! its high time we became one Nation! Lets all join the Movement for UNITY!


President Asif Ali Zardari addressed the joint session of Parliament on 28th Mar,2009.

He was immaculately dressed in a western suit, spoke eloquently in a western language i.e English and supported western strategies on Pakistan.

The “Khudi” of a Pakistani was missing. The people of Pakistan had been waiting for his address and were seen glued to their TV sets to hear some good announcements from their all powerful head of the state; on solutions to energy crisis, poverty alleviation, price hike, missing persons, independence of judiciary and quick dispensation of justice, austere living by the rulers, accountability/prosecution of former President, nuisance of Drone attacks, interference of western powers in our domestic affairs , autonomy of provinces etc.

But they were shocked to see a President who was not wearing the national dress of Pakistan and not speaking the national language but ending his speech with “Pakistan Zindabad- Pakistan Khappay”. The man was alien to them in dress and language. Over 90 percent people of Pakistan do not understand English.

This was the time that he should have appeared as Pakistani and had spoken in a language that his people mostly understood. Perhaps he addressed in the language that his masters understood and ofcourse the diplomatic corps that was sitting in the visitors  gallery.

His speech did not cover any achievements of his government during their one year rule. It was not much different to what he spoke in his first address to the joint session about six months ago.I hope he gets the feed back of his speech correctly and speaks like a Pakistani next time with some achievements for the common man.

“These comments are the observations of a Pakistani who has common network acquaintances and I found them well intended and to the point!

Lets face it, his heart is NOT that of a Pakistani, but of a S-D Millionaire, who simply wishes to make the most of a situation that he finds himself in; so, then, why are we allowing him free reign? what has happend to us people ???!!! Wake up and stop allowing others to shape our destiny, is it because we can at least blame them if things fail? or are we too scared to take our destiny into our own hands and attempt to right the wrongs that we have been plagued with for the last 6 decades? That way, if we do not succeed, we can at least say we tried! which is better that being so downright apathetic!!!” Kool Blue

The Emerald Mine takeover-Tip of the Ice Berg!

The article on the front page of the Daily Times, Lahore today, was like an electric shock, there I was enjoying my early morning cuppa and a read of the front pages of the newspapers when all of a sudden I was snapped out of my twilight zone to the reality of what is unfolding in Swat.

We are very naive if we believe that the Bearded Bastards are going to stay within the limits of a land we once thought of as our answer to Switzerland!! No Sir!! wake up people we are saddled with a totally incompetent regime and a Babu network which is reminiscent of the Mandarins of the pre-Mao era in China; they only lookout for themselves because they have their ill gotten wealth stashed away in another country where they can enjoy life when the going gets unbearable.

We are intimidated by the fact that they carry arms and are not afraid to use them to kill someone to make an example of and instill the fear of obliteration  in everyone who is not accustomed to bearing arms.

What choices do we have? you may well ask and so you should after all its our land of peace-loving Islam. Choices?

1. Its time for us Gucci/Armani wearing people to resort to street Power & Marches, remember, No Pain No Gain!! because that is the right approach in even a fledgling Democracy; if the Moron Politicians fail to respond from their citadels and ivory towers, 2. there is the option of dusting off the cobwebs from our weapons we own, if you don’t then get one, Pronto!

Start taking weapon handling training and shooting practise, so that you are capable of comfortably handling a fire arm, the obvious is that every adult in your sphere of influence should do like wise, and then we need to send out the message to radical Islamists that we will not tolerate their presence, Remember “Islam never is and never was under threat in Pakistan” so we don’t want them among us, these self -righteous bastards! 3. The fail safe resort may not work, this time around, for any one of a number of reasons, this time they have by choice decided to allow the Mandrins & elected-ones to make a royal mess and then there is the fact that their ranks are also infiltrated by the bearded bastards who in the first place gave birth to this plague!! but dont forget their is also the added complication of the meddlesome friends from across the oceans the jacks and stripes, their agenda together with the cursed tribes are suffering from a selective gastro-fit, triggered by our arsenal, coupled with the khatris who cant reconcile to our existence. 4. We must stop being passive as a people street power is the only language everyone respects we have witnessed that!

Chief Justice of Pakistan resumes his office in Room #1, welcomed at the gate to the Supreme Court in Islamabad

The Chief Justice arrived at Supreme Court this morning, to be greeted by lawyers and residents of Islamabad, happy to see him back.

Flag Raising Ceremony at the CJP’s residence on 22nd March, 2009

People from all segments of society made their way to the CJ’s residence in order to participate in the event; People were hopeful that this reinstated CJ will address the issues plaguing the common man, sadly, their frustrations will rise as their expectations are dash due to the fact that the working of the Justice system is still alien to and distant from the common man.

We can live in hope that this is the beginning of a turn around of the way we run our country.

Photos Courtesy: Karim Yusuf Khan

Shots from around the compound of the reinstated C.J. Of Pakistan, 16.03.09 a.m.

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