About KoolBlue

In a career spanning 39 years, have taken on complex and demanding challenges in multiple and diverse fields and continued to perform with exceptional ability and results. One’s experience extends from early work with the nascent chemical fertilizer industry in Pakistan and media, and more extensively with Aviation, Communications and Automotive Industry.
In these challenging career experiences, one was a member of the pioneering management teams of each company that setup the four multinational organizations namely Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Co. Ltd., Hinopak, Mobilink and Volvo in Pakistan.
The hands-on start-up experiences, in the numerous organizations that I have been involved in have given me valuable skills, knowledge, know-how and experience to set up corporate entities and organizations. One’s abiding and single minded interest has always been in building, developing and managing dynamic management teams that have delivered outstanding results.
My career growth and experience has developed and been gained almost in equal measure, both within Pakistan and abroad. Ones experience in four key areas, with the Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Co Ltd, as District Sales Rep, PIAC, U.K. in Sales and Marketing, London and as their District Sales Manager in Glasgow, with Hinopak Motors Limited and Volvo Pakistan Ltd., as General Manager Marketing and with Mobilink as Executive Director Marketing, has given one valuable insight and growth in management; managing all aspects, from decision making through to execution by the concerned team managers, in planning and budgeting, marketing services, public relations and after sales support. These core activities were my direct responsibility in all of the management assignments one undertook during the course of my career.

Name: Zahid Husain, aka Lanky, net name Kool Blue



6 Responses to “About KoolBlue”

  1. shoaib-talib Says:

    No doubt one of the best blogs! Ma sha Allah. Carry on your good work 🙂

    best wishes from my side for you and your family.

  2. ehsan Says:

    As per my favourite television anchor and columnist Hassan Nisar, the story of Pakistan can be summed up in three words:
    1) Blunder ( Its creations)
    2) Plunder ( Its resources, especially East Pakistan and Balouchistan)
    3) Surrender ( every single war its army has fought) :O)

  3. mohammed ali jawaid Says:

    Dear Koolblue,

    i recently came across your website and did not realize that a Pakistani is behind it, good to know now and consider it a national effort. the interest of our country is foremost and should be highlighted at every level. expecting any thing from our govt is useless we Pakistanis will have to do everything to save our honor. in this, the public opinion works wonders especially that of US. i don’t now how your website can contribute to creating US public opinion in Pakistan’s favor which if done it would be a great service. yesterday’s New York Times has an article which as expected is bias but still reported Haqqanis history that shows they are part ofTaliban. how can Pakistan afford their anger knowing that the Americans are leaving Afghanistan and Pakistan will have to deal with them in future? moreover, why USA worries about Haqqanis now when their well published objective e.g OBL is dead abd they are leaving ? thiese questions have to be put before the American public i’m sure they will understand and change their attitude in favor of Pakistan. God bless our country.

    • koolblue Says:

      I endorse your perspective on the need to project ourselves within imperialist countries! For me it is : PAKISTAN FIRST & FOREMOST! Thank you for your visit and comments, Rabb Rakha!

  4. TauseefAhmad Says:

    A very interesting and vrlueable essay.I am putting it on E -library of Air War College Lbrary.Yours truely TAUSEEF SqnLdr(Retd)

  5. koolblue Says:

    Please send me an introduction to yourself, along with the article, for me to review at zahid.husain@gmail.com, regards, ZH

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