The Emerald Mine takeover-Tip of the Ice Berg!

The article on the front page of the Daily Times, Lahore today, was like an electric shock, there I was enjoying my early morning cuppa and a read of the front pages of the newspapers when all of a sudden I was snapped out of my twilight zone to the reality of what is unfolding in Swat.

We are very naive if we believe that the Bearded Bastards are going to stay within the limits of a land we once thought of as our answer to Switzerland!! No Sir!! wake up people we are saddled with a totally incompetent regime and a Babu network which is reminiscent of the Mandarins of the pre-Mao era in China; they only lookout for themselves because they have their ill gotten wealth stashed away in another country where they can enjoy life when the going gets unbearable.

We are intimidated by the fact that they carry arms and are not afraid to use them to kill someone to make an example of and instill the fear of obliteration  in everyone who is not accustomed to bearing arms.

What choices do we have? you may well ask and so you should after all its our land of peace-loving Islam. Choices?

1. Its time for us Gucci/Armani wearing people to resort to street Power & Marches, remember, No Pain No Gain!! because that is the right approach in even a fledgling Democracy; if the Moron Politicians fail to respond from their citadels and ivory towers, 2. there is the option of dusting off the cobwebs from our weapons we own, if you don’t then get one, Pronto!

Start taking weapon handling training and shooting practise, so that you are capable of comfortably handling a fire arm, the obvious is that every adult in your sphere of influence should do like wise, and then we need to send out the message to radical Islamists that we will not tolerate their presence, Remember “Islam never is and never was under threat in Pakistan” so we don’t want them among us, these self -righteous bastards! 3. The fail safe resort may not work, this time around, for any one of a number of reasons, this time they have by choice decided to allow the Mandrins & elected-ones to make a royal mess and then there is the fact that their ranks are also infiltrated by the bearded bastards who in the first place gave birth to this plague!! but dont forget their is also the added complication of the meddlesome friends from across the oceans the jacks and stripes, their agenda together with the cursed tribes are suffering from a selective gastro-fit, triggered by our arsenal, coupled with the khatris who cant reconcile to our existence. 4. We must stop being passive as a people street power is the only language everyone respects we have witnessed that!


2 Responses to “The Emerald Mine takeover-Tip of the Ice Berg!”

  1. koolblue Says:

    There is nothing wrong when there is total Anarchism, but under the Constitution, I believe, that all resources belong to the State!!
    As for exposing any specific individual or group or the establishment, feel free to share your info right here! Cheers…..

  2. Romano Says:

    Hey, whats wrong with bearded people taking over and profiting from the emeral mines? After all, didnt our babus and other protectors of the people do the very same thing for years?
    I agree that two wrongs do not make a right, but the fact of the matter is,
    the people of Swat have to take the initiative on this. While half or more than half the ANP is out holidaying in Dubai this week how can we expect any change? We havent been elected to fix things there, how about the elected reps rolling up their sleeves and getting to work?
    Start up a blog naming and shaming the reps of that area, and I am sure things may move a a faster pace.
    Just my two bits 🙂

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