Unite the Motherland

The comment , that, “the Almighty created this Motherland”, then we better pull our fingers out Pronto and work hard at Uniting this Motherland because He also says, that, we only deserve what we can do for ourselves!!!

Divided!!!! how can you even accommodate such a treacherous notion!! of dividing????……2 things are for certain in Pakistan that, Islam, khabhee bhee khatray main nahin tha, na hai, na ho ga!* Secondly, that, no red blooded Pakistani of any religion ever entertained the notion, so Never entertain it now!!!

We just have to work harder at being a better nation that deserves this Glorious Motherland! Join the Movement!

I praise the courage and spirit of all Pakistanis, in particular those around Manawan village, who did what they did yesterday to fight this menace! Our Police Jawans/recruits are the finest!!!, its not their fault they are not trained for this sort of activity!!!

Those who have not lived in the North or even speak their language cannot even start to understand the fierce loyalty, love and appreciation they have for Pakistan & Islam, I am a Pakistani who spent many years of my youth in the ‘North’ some of my best friendships are with the people there, and I have tremendous respect for the ‘North’ as you choose to call it! Frontier, Pathans and Pukhtunkhwa are all a very integral part of this Motherland! The Afghans on the other hand, are a totally different matter! Remember north is just a compass heading/reading!

*For those who cant understand, Islam was never in danger nor is it or will ever be!


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