The Right to free expression is on trial

Today, in Pakistan we, the people are experiencing the wrath of the state against free speech and demonstration; In this fledging democracy, the people are being forced to take sides when in fact they should be able to simply be bystanders (something we are accustomed to) or participants to either side and put their weight behind one or the other,  while 2 conflicting entities proceed to clash at a time when we least need chaos; its about mind over matter, they (the state) don’t mind and we (the People) don’t matter!!!

People have become watchers rather than participants in this new democratic freedom to demonstrate. all around the Country, the might and force of the state is bent upon depriving us the people of this right, as I sit here blogging; I know that the power of the pen is mightier than the baton (sword) but we dont read any more, sadly we only watch and listen to the TV so we are mesmerized into inaction! instead of questioning rather then accepting the status quo.


7 Responses to “The Right to free expression is on trial”

  1. shereen Says:

    i also want to set up a blog. However, the computer is taking up too much of my time and i cant get to read or paint…

    CJ, now that you are back from outer space, help ! what should i do. Can you take suo moto notice of this ?

  2. Romano Says:

    The latest piece of disinformation! Read page 3 of todays News. Some irresponsible journalist says Rehman Malik ‘saved the day for the nation’ and convinced the President to reinstate the Chief Justice. What next?
    He must not be allowed to leave unpunished. Lets not allow these people to book a ticket to London/New York/Dubai, and weather out the storm, only to return some years later when a new Spring is in the air, claiming political victimisation.

  3. Romano Says:

    Isnt it ironic; a signboard saying welcome to Islamabad the city of Serenity can be seen behind one of the containers.

  4. Nizam SAHIBZADA Says:

    Good to know, u care…

    • koolblue Says:

      Alll said and done, I am a Pakistani! one who wittnessed partition and have lived to see what the Motherland is having to contend with now! We the People who are privileged MUST stand up and make our voices heard! “Enough is Enough”

    • KoolBlue Says:

      Thanks, but how about the rest of the 16 corore awam???! and why dont you express your own personal view point!??

  5. Taimor Says:

    Good to see you blogging

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