President Asif Ali Zardari addressed the joint session of Parliament on 28th Mar,2009.

He was immaculately dressed in a western suit, spoke eloquently in a western language i.e English and supported western strategies on Pakistan.

The “Khudi” of a Pakistani was missing. The people of Pakistan had been waiting for his address and were seen glued to their TV sets to hear some good announcements from their all powerful head of the state; on solutions to energy crisis, poverty alleviation, price hike, missing persons, independence of judiciary and quick dispensation of justice, austere living by the rulers, accountability/prosecution of former President, nuisance of Drone attacks, interference of western powers in our domestic affairs , autonomy of provinces etc.

But they were shocked to see a President who was not wearing the national dress of Pakistan and not speaking the national language but ending his speech with “Pakistan Zindabad- Pakistan Khappay”. The man was alien to them in dress and language. Over 90 percent people of Pakistan do not understand English.

This was the time that he should have appeared as Pakistani and had spoken in a language that his people mostly understood. Perhaps he addressed in the language that his masters understood and ofcourse the diplomatic corps that was sitting in the visitorsĀ  gallery.

His speech did not cover any achievements of his government during their one year rule. It was not much different to what he spoke in his first address to the joint session about six months ago.I hope he gets the feed back of his speech correctly and speaks like a Pakistani next time with some achievements for the common man.

“These comments are the observations of a Pakistani who has common network acquaintances and I found them well intended and to the point!

Lets face it, his heart is NOT that of a Pakistani, but of a S-D Millionaire, who simply wishes to make the most of a situation that he finds himself in; so, then, why are we allowing him free reign? what has happend to us people ???!!! Wake up and stop allowing others to shape our destiny, is it because we can at least blame them if things fail? or are we too scared to take our destiny into our own hands and attempt to right the wrongs that we have been plagued with for the last 6 decades? That way, if we do not succeed, we can at least say we tried! which is better that being so downright apathetic!!!” Kool Blue



  1. Romano Says:

    He obviously does not have time to read the crap his speech writers put before him. and as for speaking his mind, lets hope he never does that!

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