The Ugly truth! by Rimofar

Why the Jordanian pilot was captured and killed?

The Ugly truth!

by Rimofar

According to an Arab military intelligence source, there are really shocking reasons behind the killing of the Jordanian pilot, Muath Al-Kaseasbeh, who was burnt alive by ISIS.

The killed pilot was said to be captured by ISIS militants while flying over the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria in one of the anti-ISIS air coalition’s strikes on ISIS.

According to the source, the Jordanian pilot noticed that the American aircrafts were dropping weapons to ISIS fighters in an organized way. That really struck the pilot, so he reported that to the air force intelligence’s management from his aircraft.

Minutes later, the pilot’s F-16AM was engaged by an American missile over an area controlled by ISIS, which made him jump out of his aircraft.

Soon later, U.S. Central Command, the body overseeing the coalition air war over Iraq and Syria, said: ‘Evidence clearly indicates that ISIL did not down the aircraft as the terrorist organization is claiming.

The statement did not give a cause for the ‘crash,’ in an attempt to raise doubts about the pilot and to imply that he dropped himself intentionally in coordination between him and ISIS.

It was a way to close the door over any attempts for investigations to know how the aircraft was down.

It was clear from the beginning that there were no attempts to rescue the pilot at that time. Instead, he was left to be taken as a hostage by ISIS. It was known that he would definitely be captivated and would be soon executed and that was the perfect way to silence him.

However, this was not the first time to be mentioned that American Planes Routinely Drops weapons to ISIS fighters.

Back in October it was reported that the United States was responsible for accidentally dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS in Syria. It was played as a mistake by the mainstream media. While the alternative media hinted that it was intentional.

Also, MP Majid al-Ghraoui, the member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Parliament mentioned in Iraqi News that on the 3rd of last January, an American aircraft dropped a load of weapons and equipment into the hands of the ISIS group militants in southeast of Tikrit, located in Salahuddin province.

He said “The information that has reached us in the Security and Defense Committee indicates that an American aircraft dropped a load of weapons and equipment to the ISIS group militants at the area of al-Dour in the province of Salahuddin.”

He added: “The U.S. is trying to obtain more benefits and privileges from the government to set military bases in Iraq,”

Again it was reported on the 6th of February that an ‘unidentified’ aircraft had dropped boxes containing weapons and munitions to ISIS in Anbar desert near Al Ratba (320 km west of Ramadi).

An aircraft had dropped boxes containing weapons and munitions to ISIS in Anbar desert near Al Ratba

Who could do this other than US forces? Who has the power and ability to deliver those weapons? There can be no other answer than US.

U.S has a previous track record of funding terrorists to serve its benefits all over the world.

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Discover the ugly truth behind the killing of the Jordan…

According to a military intelligence source,there are shocking reasons behind the killing of the Jordanian pilot,who was burnt alive by ISIS.
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Taliban and Pakistan

Loaded as received…

“Sheep” cannot be expected to live in peace………

This “war against terror of the Taliban” in Pakistan cannot be won without the Pakistanis.

Government and/or the Army cannot win this war when 18 crore awam is not helping. The 18 crore awam is rather encouraging the Taliban. “How?” you say?

Pakistan was created for Muslims and not for Islam – Islam was never in danger in India, the Muslims were.

The Mulla pre-Pakistan was against Pakistan but now he owns it and has taken it over – demonstrated by the Committees that were ordained to determine the future of Pakistan with Mulla “burqa” Aziz and Mulla “sandwich” Sami backed by Mulla “diesel” Fazal and Molana Munawar deciding how we should live. These are our new leaders.

Islam is big business in Pakistan and millions are making a very decent living from it.

There is no ‘regulator’ for nor any tax on this business.

Government seems to have left its ‘regulation’ to God.

Just as Coke or Pepsi and McDonald or KFC market their brands, both essentially selling the same product, Mosques are mushrooming – within yards of one another – each selling their brand

These retail business outlets are multiplying as enterprising “madrassa graduates” aspire to be “career maulvis” in their own masjid.

It is a great business cum pension plan and the first investment each makes is in loudspeakers to start attracting a clientele to his new masjid

His office (pulpit) and accommodation (in the mosque) follow.

The Taliban are capitalizing on this farce to gain power and control.

It is not about Islam, it is about power and control – in case you had not figured it out yet.

They have murdered most “Maliks and tribal elders” in FATA to get rid of competition

The slogan is Islam and the “power base and infiltration safe house” is the masjid.

Every Friday Pakistanis go to masjids and listen to essentially, the Taliban version of Islam.

Why don’t these Pakistanis demand of their Masjid Imam/Maulvi to condemn the Taliban in the Friday sermon?

Till the Taliban is not discussed and condemned in the local mosque, terrorism will flourish and attract more support.

Only when the Taliban – and their ilk – are condemned in every local mosque every Friday, will Pakistan begin to see the end of their reign of terror.

If 18 crore awam have chosen to be ‘sheep’ – they can’t even decide what happens in their local mohalla mosque – the ‘qasab’ will keep feeding on them – OR – if they like and approve of the Taliban – then why are we even discussing the issue.

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Vandalism by Defenders of the Law

While many were enjoying the Valentines’ Eve with their loved ones, I was working hard at my little Dhaba, Grill’n’Bake. Around midnight a drunk and rowdy neighbour, AFTAB AHMAD BAJWA, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, along with his servants, attacked a nearby property (203-L Block, Model Town Extension) and severely beaten and injured a few occupants. All this is preserved in CCTV footage. After ransacking that place, he came to Grill’n’Bake. He thumped me a couple of times and then his servants broke most of the furniture.

Mr. Bajwa had demanded a couple of weeks ago for me to provide him with 2 security guards, if I wanted to run my business at the current location. All this was the result of not surrendering to his unjust demand.

After doing all this, he made a call at 15 and asked for the Police help. Another 15 call was made by myself requesting the same.

The police arrived and went straight to Mr. Bajwa who wanted the officers to arrest the occupants of 203-L and myself for disturbing the peace of the locality. He kept on swearing loudly at me. When the Police apparently resisted his demands, he called some Mr. Sukhera Sahab (a very senior police officer) and made him talk to the A.S.I. Don’t know what conversation took place between the two, but the police did not take any action and later went away.

The occupants of 203-L have gone to the Faisal Town Police Station to register an F.I.R against him. Don’t know what will come of that, BUT I am still WAITING for the response of my call on 15.

I see no hope of getting justice for all the financial loss, physical torture and verbal abuse dished out to me by Mr. Bajwa. However I still intend to seek justice. I know that he is a ‘Lawyer’ and he claims to have Mr. Sukhera on his Side, but I have Allah Subhaan’Wa’Taala and that’s enough.

Grill’n’Bake will remain open and serve its Patrons. We will not surrender to the Vandalism of this man. I will approach all the Bar Councils and fight to get his name struck off their Members’ Lists.

Your prayers and guidance will be highly appreciated. JazzakAllah Khair.

(As documented by Mr. Afrin Hussain on Facebook)                        



The perpetrator:           65605_571647856200903_728651555_n




My comment from the post:

A dedicated show of support is called for, against this behavior from this apology of a human being! Unless society stands united against such hooliganism there will always be individuals like him around the Motherland!
Consumers U N I T E !
I offer my blog page, as a platform for any/all who wish to express themselves against such miscreants or those who wish to narrate their experiences! Remember, we are as strong as our weakest victim if we stand alone, as a Community we are a force to be reckoned with!

Morally Bankrupt

Reading the Newspapers makes one stop and think! What a fine cumulative mess Pakistan is in!
From its people rich n poor alike to its political parties left, center or right orientation to its Armed Forces!
All it’s taken, is a completed term of a corrupted political party n the current term of another corrupted political party!

They have both successfully raped n pillaged the economic resources, the wealth and the morals, blatantly without so much as a whimper from the citizens!

Do we deserve them and this Motherland?!