Only a Mega Dam….

by Khurshid Anwer

Benazir Bhutto must be gloating in her grave to see her arch rival squirming in the hot seat. A hot seat that is of her making. She wielded a double edged sword to decapitate Pakistan. Inducted the IPPs to run on oil at 10 dollars per barrel, not knowing that the 10 dollars would become 100 dollars and the cost per unit would become 18 rupees. When she could have had the same unit for 1 rupee.

But God forbid that she would build a dam in Punjab. The ignoramus thought that Sindh would become a desert. Did she really think so or was she being too clever for her own good as usual. Nothing can save Sindh from becoming a desert now. More and more irrigated acres are becoming barren by the year, and of the 30 million acres lying fallow, 80% are in Sindh with no water for them.

The two blunders put together have brought the country to a standstill. No electricity to run the fan or light the bulb and no water to drink. The only thing that is more prolonged than the load shedding is the excruciating misery of the men, women and children, forced to come out on the streets, and this is just the beginning with no end in sight.

The wheels of industry have ground down to a halt, the workers too are out on the streets with no hope for work even in the distant future. Agriculture is thirsting for water and food shedding is round the corner. Power riots now and food riots to follow. The damage done to the country appears to be irreparable. Only a mega dam in the next few years can save the situation, but God forbid – – – – – .

How could one person have done so much harm to so many.  

Khurshid Anwer



Just when the nation is licking its wounds after a most acrimonious election campaign, hounded by suicide bombings, an election rife with controversies thanks to the hapless election commission, all that was needed was for a national leader to come hoisting his petard:

– he taunts Nawaz Sharif, congratulating him on being elected prime minister by the Punjabis.

– he taunts Imran Khan, a man on his sick bed, where has your Tsunami disappeared in Punjab.

– his message for the protesters at ‘Teen Talwar’, ‘If you don’t like our mandate let us go our separate ways.

– ‘if you want we can put the three swords to the sword’.

– Yes Sir, we believe you, is this not what you did on May 12 six years ago when 50 people were put to the sword on your orders, actually fifty families, comprising fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and perhaps even wives and children of the dead ones, Karachi was shut down like it is often now whenever anything displeases you, which is often, the police was disarmed, the rangers were ordered to lock themselves up from the inside in their posts, so Asfandyar Wali khan told us, armed activists replaced the security police on the overhead bridges, so Sherry Rehman told us, I forget now what Talat Husain told us, containers were placed blocking the roads to the airport, to stop a visiting dignitary from entering Karachi, the whole city was made a no-go area, the killers were seen clearly on national television but  no one dare apprehend them, every time an attempt is made to investigate the heinous crime, you threaten to put the high court to the sword.

Yes Sir, we are fully aware of your abilities in this field. But the best is when you come crying about target killing of your people, having invented the game.

Khurshid Anwer

But I ! Apr 10

by Khurshid Anwer

I have handed over all my powers to the Prime Minister, but I!

I will decide how much of Pakistan’s money to donate on my ‘private’ visit to the Shrine in India.

I will invite the Indian prime minister to Pakistan, not the Prime Minister of the country.

(the Indian president is not even allowed to meet the Pakistan president).

(President Baldev Singh was even refused permission by Indira Ghandi to travel abroad).

I will decide the Kashmir policy in my meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, not the prime minister of the country.

I will decide the Karachi policy through my telephone calls to Altaf Hussain, not the prime minister of the country.

I will run the affairs of the country through my people in the presidency, not the prime minister and his people in the parliament.

I will have the final say on who is going to be the next chief election commissioner, the prime minister will have to get my clearance on whatever name is thrown up.

I will decide the carrot and stick policy with the allies and with the opposition, not the prime minister of the country, he will just keep mouthing inanities to which no one will pay any attention.

I am the party head and the prime minister holds his office at my pleasure, and he knows it.

Rs 1,000,000,000,000 Black Hole.

by Khurshid Anwer

Dr Farrukh Saleem’s comments on the national budget:

Rs 1,000,000,000,000 is the difference between what the Government of Pakistan (GOP) earns and what it spends.

GOP looses Rs 300 crore a day, every single day.

Rs 11 crore per hour or Rs 20 lakh per minute for every single minute of the entire year.

GOP would have lost Rs 60 lakh by the time you will finish reading this brief commentary.
GOP is now less of a government and more of a black hole. When nature creates a black hole, nothing can come out of it because its density and gravity increases to infinity while its size shrinks to zero.

Pakistan’s one trillion rupee black hole created by the GOP has no chance of shrinking because it is just like cosmic drain which is going to suck jobs, dreams, aspirations and wishes of the Pakistani public.
Presidency cannot survive without a Rs 3.5 crore injection a month, every month of the year.

The PM Secretariat cannot survive without devouring Rs 50 crore a year.
The Cabinet Secretariat with an army of ministers gobbles up Rs 100 crore a month.

Then there are ‘developmental funds’ – nay political bribes – to be paid to all of our honourable legislatures.

At 100 senators, 342 MNAs and 728 MPAs that’s a cool Rs 300 crore a month down the drain every month of the year. Imagine; lawmakers doing gutters.

Then there are at least half a dozen black holes within the real black hole;

-                           Pakistan International Airlines,

-                           Pakistan Steel Mills,

-                           Pakistan Electric Power Company,

-                           Pakistan Railways,

-                           Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Utility Stores Corporation.

Among them they loose at least Rs 250 billion a year or Rs 70 crore a day, every day of the year.

Then there are others:

-                           Tomato Paste Plant,

-                           Roti Corporation of Pakistan,

-                           Pakistan Stone Development Company,

-                           Pakistan Hunting and Sporting Arms Development Company,

-                           National Institute of Oceanography,

-                           Pakistan Gems & Jewellery Development Company,

-                           Technology Commercialisation Corporation of Pakistan,

-                           National Industrial Parks Development & Management Company,

-                           Technology Up-Gradation and Skill Development Company,

-                           National Productivity Organisation,

-                           Centre for Applied & Molecular Biology,

-                           Council for Work and Housing Research,

-                           National Institute of Electronics,

-                           Pakistan Council for Science and Technology,

-                           Pakistan Council of Research in Water Technology,

-                           Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,

-                           Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority,

-               Central Inspectorate of Mines.
Wait there are more:

-                           National Insurance Corporation,

-                           Heavy Electrical Complex,

-                           Machine Tool Factory,

-                           Services International,

-                           National Power Construction Company,

-                           National Fertilizers Corporation,

-                           State Engineering Corporation,

-                           National Construction Limited,

-                           Pakistan Steel Fabricating Company Limited,

-                           Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation,

-                           Ghee Corporation of Pakistan,

-                           Republic Motors,

-                           Pakistan National Shipping Corporation,

-                           Pakistan Railways,

-                           State Cement Corporation of Pakistan,

-                           State Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals Corporation,

-                           Trading Corporation of Pakistan,

-                           Cotton Export Corporation of Pakistan,

-                           Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan,

-                          Pakistan Industrial and Technical Training Centre and

-                           Pakistan Engineering Company.

From here onwards budget making is a piece of cake – add every ‘Demand for Grant’ from the president downwards, deduct the IMF-allowed budgetary deficit and surprise, surprise you have the final revenue figure.

By the end of the next fiscal year, the president, the prime minister and everyone below them would end up overshooting their allocations by 10 to 20 percent.

Surprise! Surprise! By the end of the next fiscal year GOP will give mother nature another Rs 1,000,000,000,000 black hole.


My comments: Revenue generation in a big way is required to undo the above. This cannot be done without growth in Industry and agriculture. Industry needs input of mega quantities of power and agriculture needs input of mega quantities of water. To produce these mega quantities we need mega dams. The ‘Sindh’ and ‘Punjab’ Cards will never allow mega dams to be built. So we are back to square one, one step forward, two steps back.

All talk of stopping Drone attacks and blocking NATO routes is nonsense. US will come down on us like a ton of bricks. National sovereignty will not come without economic sovereignty.

Khurshid Anwer

Zardari – New dams need of the hour.

by Khurshid Anwer

Pagal oye Pagal                                                                                    aaz185_394665a

I thought may be at last he has decided to leave the apron strings of his deceased party leader to go for Kalabagh dam. But then he directs the Sindh government to step up work on building new dams in the province.

This is the man who stood at the ‘Three Gorges Dam’ in China and said we will build dams like this. Some one should educate him that gorges are found only in the mountains and not is the deserts of Sindh.

One such gorge is the 10 mile long Attock Gorge which will serve as a 260 feet deep reservoir for Kalabagh dam, as also the Sohan river right up to Dhok Pathan on the Dhulian Balkassar road.

In Australia, provinces not having suitable sites for dams have contributed funds for building of dams where they can be built to be able to share the power and water thus produced.

Is it because the people there are more educated. No, PPP also has many educated people. The difference is that those people have not had a hare-brained leader like Benazir Bhutto who would have put them up against dams.                                       Benazir Bhutto_pic6

This act of hers is so contrary to common sense and logic that it defies description, except by the use of language which cannot be used here.

Now look at the Junior Pagal:                                                                     Yusuf Raza gilani

PM vows to resolve environment issues. He has directed necessary measures for disposal of trash left by the visitors on the glaciers which was polluting the pristine environment of our natural heritage.

Can you beat this? He is worried about the trash on the glaciers but not about the IPPs, the RPPs and Thar Coal which are and will pollute the atmosphere which will do  more damage to his ‘pristine heritage’ than mere trash will. The thought of producing clean power in thousands of megawatts has not entered his mind for reasons well known. 

But the devotees of the Deity remain unfazed. They take all criticism in their stride as long as their party remains in power. "My leader, good or bad".

Bacha Sakka ka raaj

by Khurshid Anwer

For those not familiar with the above name, a person of low status named Bacha Sakka became the accidental ruler of a country. Not being sure how long he would last, he appointed all his relatives to high government posts. This was the birth of ‘Cronyism’ and people of low status become accidental rulers have been following the example down history lane.

The problem is not so much when just the King decides he is above the law, it is when his courtiers (including the court jesters) start thinking the same. 

An example of this is to be found in the elections of 1977. Bhutto decreed that no one could be allowed to contest election against the saviour of the nation. A simple solution was found to a simple problem – his opponent was kidnapped for the duration of the election.

The lesser ‘saviours’ also felt that no one should be allowed to defeat them in the election. Simple solution – ‘rigging’. What happened after that is part of our sorry history.

Here is a shining example of Cronyism the PPP way:


The new Pakistani Ambassador to Syria, Aminullah Raisani, a Crony of President Zardari, has replaced the entire faculty of the Pakistan International School in Damascus with his Cronies i.e. members of his immediate family (salaries per month):

Saeeda Yasmeen Raeesani, sister, Principal, $6,500

Ms Abbas, sister, Urdu teacher, $3,500

Amna Aminullah Raeesani, daughter, teacher, $3000

Quratulein Aminullah Raeesani, daughter, teacher, $3000

Mohammad Ishaque, br-in-law, accountant, $3,500

Attique-ur-Rehman, nephew, business teacher, $3000

Syed Muhammad Ali, nephew, business teacher, $3000

Nayla Atiq, sister’s granddaughter, Math teacher, $3000

Ali Abdullah, sister’s son-in-law, teacher, $3000

Muhammad Ahsan Shafique, cousin, teacher, $3000

Rasheed Chattha, cousin, Biology teacher $3,500

A collective salary of some $38,000 per month being paid by the people of Pakistan. It is rumoured that these salaries are nearly double of what the previous faculty was being paid.

Now we are waiting with bated breath to see what, if anything, will be done about a crony who has out-cronied all cronies.

Khurshid Anwer

Where is the money coming from June 13

by Khurshid Anwer

Government increases salaries and pension by 15%. Another rise in PPP popularity. Another dent in the development budget.

Where will the money come from – ask a silly question, get a silly answer – from heavy government borrowing from the banks, squeezing bank lending to the private sector. Another dent in the job market.

But PPP is not hampered by the downturn in the job market when it can force-employ jialas in their thousands in the captive public-sector and industry. Another rise in PPP popularity. Another dent in productivity and profitability.

Nation – Downturn cost 187,800 French jobs in the first quarter. The French should learn from Pakistan. The Bhuttos never allowed a worker to be fired, on the contrary, neither will Zardari. Because stupid – today’s worker is tomorrow’s voter.

Same with the students. Don’t let teachers loose on the students. Students have the numbers (votes), not teachers. Also bring in those below 21, right down to 18, even  if they can’t tell ‘left’ from ‘right’.

Growth down to 2%. No electricity – no growth in industry (actually 7.7% negative growth). No water – no growth in agriculture.

No Kalabagh dam – no electricity – no water. PPP honours its commitment to its fallen leader. Another rise in PPP popularity. No dent in hunger and poverty.

An American consultant said to Engr. Shamsul Mulk, the then chairman Wapda, “Mega dams are a scar on the face of a country”.  He replied, “The bigger scars are those of hunger and poverty on the faces of our children”.  

Learned opinion has it that Kalabagh dam is now imperative for the survival of the country. The government will have to develop the necessary political will. But the 64,000 dollar question is, will Sindh get over its phobia of the left bank canal without which the dam is no damn use to man or beast. 

Nation – Increase in power tariff to hit industry:  A number of industrial units have shut down and a large number of workers have lost their jobs. Higher power tariff will raise the cost of production, increase the cost of finished goods and make them uncompetitive in the international market

Nation – Power shortage will shut down SMEs:  Many small and medium enterprises are on the verge of collapse and thousands of workers have been fired.

So what else is new?

Khurshid Anwer  

Stop press: Rawalpindi branch of the supreme court issues arrest warrants of Raja Pervez Ashraf, aka the Goof. Some one up there is smiling down on us.


One immediate response to ‘Where is the money coming from”

from Farzana Shah   

You should have asked from where did PPP give those billions of rupees to thousands of PPP Jiyalas who were inducted again having earlier been dismissed by the Nawaz govt.

Do you know they got crores of rupees for all those years they were out of office.

I know one boy who was in a bank. Would you believe me he got 5 crore rupees. And in his own words he said he was not expecting that much "meri tau kismat hee badal gaee"

Many famous names got up to 18 crores. One name is Rehman Malik.


My comment:

Another rise in PPP popularity. Another nail in Pakistan’s coffin.

Khurshid Anwer