But I ! Apr 10

by Khurshid Anwer

I have handed over all my powers to the Prime Minister, but I!

I will decide how much of Pakistan’s money to donate on my ‘private’ visit to the Shrine in India.

I will invite the Indian prime minister to Pakistan, not the Prime Minister of the country.

(the Indian president is not even allowed to meet the Pakistan president).

(President Baldev Singh was even refused permission by Indira Ghandi to travel abroad).

I will decide the Kashmir policy in my meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, not the prime minister of the country.

I will decide the Karachi policy through my telephone calls to Altaf Hussain, not the prime minister of the country.

I will run the affairs of the country through my people in the presidency, not the prime minister and his people in the parliament.

I will have the final say on who is going to be the next chief election commissioner, the prime minister will have to get my clearance on whatever name is thrown up.

I will decide the carrot and stick policy with the allies and with the opposition, not the prime minister of the country, he will just keep mouthing inanities to which no one will pay any attention.

I am the party head and the prime minister holds his office at my pleasure, and he knows it.


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