Sledging destroying beauty of cricket


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One Response to “Sledging destroying beauty of cricket”

  1. mohammed ali jawaid Says:

    I find no comment before mine on this, strange! first, i would disagree with ‘they(England) need to go away and think long and hard and dismantle their approach to playing in Sub-continent’. I think that the tacit acceptance to prepare wickets to suit home side is wrong. what do you say when India was completey routed in the just concluded series in England? David, you are an old hand you should know these ‘home conditions’ anomally. secondly, i fully agree with him on player’s inappropriate behavior. sledging has been going on for long without serious punishments to the perpetraters which is damaging this ‘gentlemen’s game’. third, i would only partially agree with his observation of a severer punishment to Pak players. my point is that one) they were not caught by any lawful authority two) they were trapped through an unauthorised sting operation and that too by a news reporter of a tabliod which puts the whole case against the 3 players dubious. that means, tenets of fairplay were compromised, only becuase they were childrens of a lesser God, Pakistanis!!

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