Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI Jalsa with Imran Khan

5 Responses to “Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI Jalsa with Imran Khan”

  1. azhar Says:

    The Great IMRAN KHAN coming soon.

  2. Haroon Khan wazir Says:

    Air marshal Asagar khan and Imran khan is the greatest honest leadres of Pakiastan

    • mohammed ali jawaid Says:

      Asghar khan of course! but the ‘greatest honest’ Imran, is hard to swallow. haven’t you heard stories of misappropriation of funds collected in the name of his hospital after the world cup victory? ask the cricketers of his time. besides, he is critical of all and sundry but what about his own income? where is he getting funds for his political activities? when has he declared his assets inside and outside the country? not to speak about his vague political statements.

  3. Muhammad Idrees Alvee Says:

    Therik istaqlal and insaf is the patriot porties in Pakistan

  4. mohammed ali jawaid Says:

    the man was in political wilderness for 15 years and this sudden emergence as a challenge to PML-N proves he now has the right sponsors!!!!

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