Bhutto, Bhutto, Bhutto, and more Bhutto

by Khurshid Anwer

I am a very depressed person today. I don’t see any hope for this country as long as the cursed Bhutto name is around.

A very ordinary looking person representing the government on a TV channel was just now ranting incessantly, a la Sharmila Faruqi, flailing his arms, all but frothing at the mouth, hurling threats at Ahmed Raza Kasuri sitting next to him, with the helpless anchor person looking on. The man could not have been more worked up if the Holy Prophet (PBUH) had been insulted.

It is sickening to see the manner in which the demagogue Bhutto has mesmerized his followers, young and old. Unheard of and unseen in any other political party of the country. Confirming PPP as a cult rather than a political party, complete with doting Devotees of the Deities – the Father, the Daughter and the Holy Ghost.

WE are being told that the mild mannered, soft spoken Bhutto could not possibly have had any motive in ordering the attacks on Kasuri. Then it must have been some one having a personal grudge against Kasuri, who got his friends in the FSF to carry out the attack wearing FSF uniforms, using FSF weapons and FSF ammunition, in order to divert attention away from himself.

What a wonderful way to run (or ruin) a country. Nothing on the air waves these days other than Bhutto, Bhutto, Bhutto and more Bhutto. All else is forgotten, as if to resurrect Bhutto is the end all and be all of Pakistan’s problems.

This is as bad as what Musharraf did when he thought the supreme court was going to rule against him.


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