I am a Blasphemer


By Sana Saleem

iFor those unaware of the context, recent debate on the reformation on the Blasphemy law has triggered a spate of violence. With high profile targets like Governor Salmaan Taseer & Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti being the recent targets. Those who targeted them have justified it under the name of ‘blasphemy‘. Being a Muslim, nothing hurts me more than cold-blooded murder being justified in the name of Islam.


I am a blasphemer

I am a blasphemer because my heart cries every time a human is slaughtered in the name of religion

I am in shambles whenever the ‘up holders’ of religion use it to justify murder.

I am a blasphemer because my tears do not recognize the difference between an Ahmedi, Shia, Wahabbi, Barelvi, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or an Atheist

It pains to witness the mosques being used as the barracks of demagogues instead of as a place to unite believers in remembrance and prayer.

I am a blasphemer because my faith in God is stronger than any offensive word, or action committed. I refuse to be offended by people who disagree with me.

I am appalled when sermons, meant to deliver messages of faith, call out for blood.

I am a blasphemer because inciting violence in the name of Islam offends me more than caricatures.

I disown every single sermon, fatwa, and cleric that uses my religion, my scripture, and my hadiths to validate their thirst for authority.

I am a blasphemer because I choose to speak; to question.
I want to ask, why?
Why are people allowed to silence words with bullets?
I want to ask, what?
What religion, ideology or culture justifies celebrating cold blooded murder?
I want to ask, where?
Where are all the promises of peace, co-existence, plurality that were promised by God’s men?
I want to ask, how?
How did the word of God, which was meant to guide us and hold us together in compassion, became the decree for murder?
I want to ask, who?
Who will put an end to this madness?

When will we realize that bigotry feeds intolerance?

But I know you wont answer me.
Ignore me. Oppress me.
Silence me with your bullets.

Because, I am a blasphemer

The author is Feature Editor (South Asia) at BEE magazine. BEE is a quarterly journal published in Britain, focusing on Asian Women. Blogger at The Guardian, Global Voices, Dawn.com & Asian Correspondent.


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