White Lies


By E55 Aich

It seems that the extended family of a VVIP
has the privileges that even the Queen of
England is denied. Just ask the passengers of
a PIA flight that took off from Karachi to Lahore
last week. We hear that the passengers of this reg-
ular flight were informed, after checking in, that
there would be a delay of half an hour due to "un-
avoidable reasons." Half an hour later, the "un-

avoidable reason" walked in and as it turned out
she was the first "samdhan’ of the first VVIP. She
had been stuck in the Karachi traffic for the last
some 30 minutes and since she was on the impor-
tant mission of attending a musical evening in La-
hore, PIA obviously had to make some
adjustments in its schedule. Why not? The nation
deserves to have less routine and more VVIP life.


e hear the "rap musician" daugh-
ter of a VVIP has two persistent
suitors. They are the sons of
VVIPs who have even higher ambitions of
wealth and power that such a union prom-
ises to deliver. It would be a match made in
heaven with Islamabad and French chateaus
thrown in for good measure. However, till
the matter reaches a conclusion, the compe-
tition grows fierce. The battle between the
father VVIPs is getting ugly. The race is on
and may the best son win.



here is Niazi, former Chairman
NIC and, not to forget, also for-
mer night club manager from
Dubai. He may be wanted with a trail ofbil-
lions leading to VVIP sons, but the police
and NAB hounds just cannot find the man
who ‘disappeared into thin air the minute the
NIC scandal came to light. However, our
mole tells us that this son of the soil is in a
safe house where he has full protection from
the law. Incidentally, this safe house is a
VVIP residence which the security hounds
dare not enter without some one’s permis-
sion and that permission is not coming.


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