Who Are We Fighting?

From a retired Lieut General

06 June 2010

 Today I visited an officer in CMH who had been a causality in SWS on 01 may 2010. He is the brother of one of our teachers. He had been operating in FATA and SWS for quite some time, and is a brave officer.  I had a long discussion with him. This is the gist of what he had to say, and what I can pass on.

1. The army has captured loads of Indian arms, ammunition, explosives, SAMs, rocket launchers, explosives, and a large number of Indian soldiers, Raw agents in SWS.  The Indian soldiers, officers and RAW agents  have been handed over to the MI and the ISI.. Why has this not been told to the press ? Zardari has forbidden the mention of India by name !!!  Govt policy, he says.

2. The area occupied,  or controlled by the miscreants is flooded with US dollars. Every militant has tons of US dollars at his disposal.. Supplier? Not me.

3. One year before the Americans attacked Afghanistan, they had sent their agents into Afghanistan, with the assistance of ISI. They bought off every Stinger missile in Afghanistan, left over from the Soviet invasion days, at the asking prices. Once there was no Stinger left in Afghanistan, then the Americans attacked Afghanistan  –  post 9/11 !! This was the blue print of what they did before they attacked Iraq..

  How did Bush know of 9/11 a year in advance ?!! Yes, your guess is good as mine.

Sometime earlier the FC Baluchistan had captured many Indians soldiers, arms and ammunition, and explosives ? all of Indian origin. The DIG FC Baluchistan  gave a press interview in which he mentioned the open Indian involvement. He was promptly summoned by the Interior Minister, none other than good old Rahman Malik, ticked off for having mentioned India against the government policy, and sacked.

   This should indicate to you what  we, and our brave army are fighting against..

   Thought I’d share it with you. And yes, please disseminate as much and  as far as you can.


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