Zardari – New dams need of the hour.

by Khurshid Anwer

Pagal oye Pagal                                                                                    aaz185_394665a

I thought may be at last he has decided to leave the apron strings of his deceased party leader to go for Kalabagh dam. But then he directs the Sindh government to step up work on building new dams in the province.

This is the man who stood at the ‘Three Gorges Dam’ in China and said we will build dams like this. Some one should educate him that gorges are found only in the mountains and not is the deserts of Sindh.

One such gorge is the 10 mile long Attock Gorge which will serve as a 260 feet deep reservoir for Kalabagh dam, as also the Sohan river right up to Dhok Pathan on the Dhulian Balkassar road.

In Australia, provinces not having suitable sites for dams have contributed funds for building of dams where they can be built to be able to share the power and water thus produced.

Is it because the people there are more educated. No, PPP also has many educated people. The difference is that those people have not had a hare-brained leader like Benazir Bhutto who would have put them up against dams.                                       Benazir Bhutto_pic6

This act of hers is so contrary to common sense and logic that it defies description, except by the use of language which cannot be used here.

Now look at the Junior Pagal:                                                                     Yusuf Raza gilani

PM vows to resolve environment issues. He has directed necessary measures for disposal of trash left by the visitors on the glaciers which was polluting the pristine environment of our natural heritage.

Can you beat this? He is worried about the trash on the glaciers but not about the IPPs, the RPPs and Thar Coal which are and will pollute the atmosphere which will do  more damage to his ‘pristine heritage’ than mere trash will. The thought of producing clean power in thousands of megawatts has not entered his mind for reasons well known. 

But the devotees of the Deity remain unfazed. They take all criticism in their stride as long as their party remains in power. "My leader, good or bad".


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