People living in glass houses

By Khurshid Anwer

President Zardari has said that Nasim Hasan Shah is guilty of the judicial murder of Bhutto. Can the legal technicalities that Bhutto did not pull the trigger himself and was not even present in Lahore at the time of the assassination, absolve Bhutto from the responsibility of the crime that was committed.

Is today’s suicide bomber more guilty than the person who has sent him on this suicidal mission from a place of safety miles removed from the scene of the crime. If that man is caught, should the courts say that he cannot be charged with the crime as he was not present at the scene of the crime. And if the courts sentence such a man to death, will we call it a judicial murder”

Can any say that a Feudal Wadera that Bhutto was, and prime minister to boot, would have taken lying down what Ahmed Raza Kasuri had said to his face on the floor of the House, and not noted on his file ‘eliminate him’.


Ahmed Raza Kasuri opening the debate on the 1973 constitution had said in the presence of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, “Today is a very historical moment but also a tragic moment because the House is representing only half of Pakistan and 166 members of East Pakistan are absent. When we ponder on this situation we find it is because the leader of the minority party had decided to rubbish the leader of the majority party. When In any country the leader of the minority party decides to destroy the majority party, disruption follows and a crisis situation arises. We have had to face this crisis because the said leader was hungry for power. To get into power he destroyed the country. It is this leader who had said in Lahore on February 28, 1971, “Any one going to Dacca will have his legs broken, he should go on a one way ticket”. In March 1971 he had said “uther tum, ither ham” at the Patel Park in Karachi, “I have majority in West Pakistan and you have majority in East Pakistan, therefore power has to be transferred separately in both wings”. My country had to face international insult and ridicule because of this. Today our honour and pride has been rubbed into the dust, our armed forces have been made to face defeat, we have lost more than half our country. Who is to be held responsible for this? History will catch this culprit. History will put him in the dock of public opinion and he will have to answer. He will not escape.  Unquote.

Hakim Zardari, the only other person who defied Bhutto in going to Dacca,  had been equally critical of Bhutto in the press, repeating most of the charges made by Kasuri. He also said that the constitution had been got signed at gun point. During the first tenure of Benazir Bhutto when the ‘Nation’ reproduced this interview without any comments, the editor’s house was fired upon followed by a phone call saying, “Is this enough or do you want more”. The Nation commented, after a period of subdued silence, that a bullet does not necessarily come from a dictator’s gun, it can also come from a democratic dispensation.

It has been reported that all 18 policemen charged with the murder of Murtaza Bhutto have been acquitted.  Rao Rashid on a TV program, when asked who did he think had murdered Murtaza, said I have no proof but know this much that Zardari and Benazir had gone to see president Leghari where, Zatdari pointing to Benazir had said, “She does not understand but it is either him or me”. And two days later ‘him’ was no more. Rao Rashid said that president Leghari had himself told him of the said meeting. 

Can there be any reasonable doubt at all about the two murders.

Khurshid Anwer


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