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1. Zardari Has 144 Billion Rupees Assets, [Pakistan] Supreme Court Told

2. Supreme Court Gets [NAB] List of Cases [illegally] Dropped Under [illegal National Robbers Ordinance] NRO

3. Zardari Gained Financial Benefits After Graft Charges [Unlawfully] Dropped

4. Cases [illegally] Dropped Doesn’t Mean Pardon: Chief Justice

5. 174.18 Billion Rupees Misappropriated by 248 Persons, Supreme Court Told

6. NRO Beneficiaries Hearing in Supreme Court – Advantages Data Submitted – 248 Take [illegal] Benefits – Zardari Tops with $ 1.5 Billion Assets

7. An Indigenous Change in the Offing in PakistanCartoon 9

8. Asif Ali Zardari: Any Help Gratefully Received "When news of the estate purchase surfaced, [Benazir] Bhutto suggested her husband [Asif Ali Zardari] had perhaps bought the property to house a mistress."

Watchdog Claims Zardari Reaped $ 1.7 Billion During [Benazir] Bhutto’s Rule

By AMANDA HODGE               Cartoon 3

SYDNEY, Australia, 10 December 2009 ( – Pakistani [PPP illegal, corrupt] president [CIA Actor] Asif Ali Zardari amassed a fortune of more than US$ 1.5 billion ($ 1.7 billion Australian

dollars) during his slain wife [CIA Actress] Benazir Bhutto’s time as [PPP] prime minister, the country’s anti-corruption watchdog has claimed in damning evidence that further undermines his shaky leadership.

The sensational documents provided by the National Accountability Bureau [NAB] to the [Pakistan] Supreme Court this week also claim [Criminal] Zardari was facing charges of amassing assets beyond his means, including six cases of kickbacks and misuse of power, when former [corrupt, illegal] president [CIA Actor] Pervez Musharraf introduced controversial [unlawful] amnesty legislation [National Robbers Ordinance (NRO)] in [October] 2007.

The cases included the alleged misuse of authority to grant concessions to shipping companies and a gold importing firm and to purchase tractors for a government-run scheme, involving hundreds of millions of rupees (millions of dollars) in public funds, the documents stated.

The [illegal] National Robbers Ordinance [NRO] resulted in corruption and criminal cases being dropped against [over] 8000 Pakistani public officials and bureaucrats, including [Traitor] Zardari.

The documents allege that [Crook] Zardari owned properties and bank accounts in several countries, including Britain, the US and Spain, and that in 1996, he purchased a US$ 4 million, 144ha estate in Surrey, England.

The [unlawful] NRO, [illegally] brokered by the US and Britain, was intended to pave the way for Ms. [Benazir] Bhutto to return home from self-imposed exile and seal a [fraudulent] power-sharing agreement with [Traitor] Musharraf.

But the former [PPP] prime minister was assassinated just over two months later [on 27 December 2007], leaving her unpopular husband to lead [hijack] her Pakistan People’s Party [PPP] to [rigged] victory in [fraudulent] elections in February last year, and take the presidential palace after [Criminal] Musharraf resigned in August [2008].

The [unconstitutional] NRO [once again] expired two weeks ago [on 28 November 2009], after Parliament refused to renew the [illegal] bill, leaving Zardari and thousands of other officials facing renewed criminal and corruption charges.

The Supreme Court is now deliberating over whether its expiry leaves the country’s leaders open to prosecution.

The court must also decide whether a [fraudulent] presidential immunity provided by the [Pakistan] Constitution applies to cases of alleged corruption that took place before Zardari [unlawfully] took office last year [in September 2008].

NAB investigators say most of Zardari’s fortune was made during [Benazir] Bhutto’s two terms as [PPP] prime minister in the 1990s and that the money came from kickbacks and commissions on government deals.

Zardari earned himself the unflattering moniker of "Mr. Ten Percent"

during his wife’s time in power, because of his rumoured demands for kickbacks.

But a [lying] spokesman for Zardari yesterday dismissed the allegations as inaccurate and politically motivated.

[PPP] president Asif Zardari of Pakistan is a Billionaire

By DEAN NELSON                                                      Hear Speak n See No Evil 2

LONDON, UK, 10 December 2009 ( – [PPP unlawful, criminal] president [CIA Actor] Asif [Ali] Zardari of Pakistan is a [corrupt] billionaire with a vast global empire [illegally] built on property and investments, the country’s Supreme Court has heard.

His fortune was allegedly accumulated during his late wife [CIA Actress] Benazir Bhutto’s two terms of government when he became known as "Mr. Ten Percent". It was the subject of a series of corruption cases until they were dropped under an [illegal] amnesty to allow the late Miss Bhutto and her supporters to return to Pakistan.

The [Pakistan] Supreme Court in Islamabad is now due to rule on whether the [unlawful] National Robbers Ordinance (NRO), under which corruption and murder cases against more than 8,000 politicians, civil servants and other public figures were [unlawfully] dropped, is unconstitutional.

If it does, Pakistan will be plunged into a new political crisis with [Traitor] Zardari and some of his leading supporters facing corruption allegations they believed were behind them.

A glimpse of what those cases might look like if they come to court was offered in the court when the [Pakistan] Government’s National Accountability Bureau [NAB] claimed in written testimony on Monday that [Corrupt] Zardari owned homes and estates throughout the world, including Britain, where he paid 4.35 million [British pounds] for an estate in 1995 which was dubbed by critics as his "Surrey Palace".

Neighbours at the time claimed he had built his own private polo ground on the 350-acre estate and recreated the local village pub in one of its suites.

Zardari, whose father [Hakim Ali Zardari] was the humble owner of a small Karachi cinema, has allegedly amassed a fortune of 876 million [UK] pounds in properties and deposits banked in Britain, the US, France and Spain, and 175 million [British pounds] in Pakistan.

The assets were said to be acquired in commissions from allegedly corrupt deals. One involved the grant of a business licence to one of the country’s richest men, another from a European company. In another case, Zardari was charged with illegally constructing a polo field in the grounds of Prime Minister’s House.

These cases were [illegally] dismissed last year under the [unlawful] National Robbers Ordinance [NRO], which was introduced by the former military ruler [corrupt CIA Actor] Pervez Musharraf under a [fraudulent] deal to allow Miss Bhutto to return to the country.

After her [December] 2007 assassination, Zardari took over [hijacked] her Pakistan People’s Party [PPP] and led it to [fraudulent] victory before being appointed [as illegal] president in [September] 2008.

If the [illegal] ordinance is ruled unconstitutional, Zardari will come under intense pressure to stand down, although aides [wrongly] insist he remains immune from prosecution while he is [unlawful] president.

His [corrupt] spokesman dismissed the allegations of vast wealth and said they were politically motivated and unproven.

Pakistan [illegal] president has Assets Beyond his Means of $ 1.5 Billion


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, 9 December 2009 ( – The [corrupt, unlawful] President of Pakistan, [CIA Actor] Asif Ali Zardari, has assets of $ 1.5 billion (920 million UK pounds) around the world, according to the country’s main anti-corruption body.

A report by the National Accountability Bureau [NAB] said that the wealth accumulated by [Criminal] Zardari is "beyond his means". It said [Crook] Zardari allegedly owned properties and bank accounts in several countries, including Britain, the US and Spain. In 1996 he allegedly bought a $ 4 million, 355-acre estate in Surrey [UK].

Investigators said that most of Zardari’s fortune was [illegally] made during his wife [CIA Actress] Benazir Bhutto’s two terms in office as [PPP] prime minister in the 1990s. They alleged that the money had come from kickbacks and commissions on government deals.

The report was given to the [Pakistan] Supreme Court as it deliberated over a proposed [illegal] amnesty for the country’s leaders.

Zardari had faced six cases of kickbacks and misuse of power that were terminated under an agreement known as the [unlawful] National Robbers Ordinance [NRO] in October 2007.

The [illegal] amnesty, [unlawfully] brokered by the US and Britain, was introduced by former [criminal, unlawful] president [CIA Actor] Pervez Musharraf under a deal that paved the way for Ms. Bhutto to return home from self-imposed exile. Ms. Bhutto was assassinated just over two months later, leaving Zardari to lead [hijack] her party to [illegal] victory in [fraudulent] general elections in February 2008 and then become [PPP] president after [corrupt, traitor] General Musharraf resigned in August [2008].

Zardari’s [criminal] aides dismissed the allegations as politically motivated.


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  1. sajid Says:

    u know nothing about pak politics….Geo Mushaffaf

    • koolblue Says:

      Maybe I dont but you cant even spell an ex-Presidents name correctly!!! “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t !!”

  2. Muhammad Seraj Anwar Says:

    If Zardari is innocent why doesn’t he face the court??????????? Because he knows that the allegations against him are correct. Is there any body who can answer this question?

  3. Nafeesa Says:

    Asif Ali Zardari remained 11 years in Jail no case was proven and no Maafi Naama. Nawaz Sharif, who made cases against BB and Zardari himself, apologized publicly from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Zardari for registering false cases against them. All the cases against President Zardari were politically motivated. Chaudhary Shujaat being a Home minister of Sharif confessed on the floor of house that cases against Zardari and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed are false. Musharraf also prosecuted Zardari and BB but he had also admitted that cases are false. Asif Ali Zardari is not afraid even NRO is declared as unconstitutional or any other case going to reopen against him; we know this is not new thing against PPP.

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