Khurshid Anwer

With apologies to friends who may have sent Eid greetings to me, saying Eid Mubarak today sounds more hollow than it ever did. The president of the realm is playing the ethnic card and the non-ethnic in his party are playing dumb. The president is saying if he goes down he will take us all down as well, and we in our homes in Gulberg, Cavalry, Defence – – – – – – – – are sitting mum, On another level PPP is playing the ‘Peoples’ card in not budging from its ‘No Kalabagh’ stand. That this will mean hunger and starvation in the not too distant future, does not bother those who swear by Benazir and her father. Does PPP belong to Pakistan or does Pakistan belong to PPP.

If the latter, I want out. The way I feel is:

zinda rahein to kia hai mar jaain hum to kia duniya se khamoshi se guzar jaain hum to kia

hasti hi apni kia hai zamane ke samney

ik khawab hein jahan mein bikhar jaain hum to kia

abb kon muntazar hai hamarey lia wahan

sham aagai hai lot ke ghar jaain hum to kia

dil ki khalish to sath rahe gi tamam umar daraye gham ke par utar jaain hum to kia

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