Tourism & its problems in Northern Areas of Pakistan!


Copy of letter sent to PSO Customer Services.

for yr info. Make sure you carry a can of fuel with you!

PSO is in a monopoly position in the NAs. Time Caltex, Shell, Attock, etc, spread out in these areas. Please forward to them if possible.



I am writing to complain about the serious issue we faced at Gorikot on the 22nd of this month. I, along with my two fellow travelers, as well as a German tourist, all on motorbikes, arrived at Gorikot PSO around 9 in the morning, intending to fuel up our motorbikes before proceeding to the Deosai Plains.

The pump attendant said they had NO petrol.

PSO Gorikot

While we were standing around wondering what to do next, a local of the Area drove up in his car, asked for petrol, and got it. The attendant then proceeded to fill our motorbikes too.

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Petrol is an essential commodity, and I am sure there are rules that govern its sale. Your staff is either discouraging tourism in the area, or is encouraging black marketing of fuel. We had earlier been told to buy it from local resellers in town (a common practice in the Northern Areas), and the going price is Rupees 80 per liter!

I am attaching a scanned copy of the receipt. My fellow travelers will be happy to confirm my story.


Incidentally, this is my third trip to the NAs 6 weeks. The PSO at Naran NEVER has petrol, yet the local shopkeepers seem to have a unending supply, all at Rupees 80 a liter.

Your comments?

K Yusuf

0333 510 3820


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