Nature abhors a vacuum.

Apropos the article you shared about `Blackwater’ (a great Doobie Brothers song incidentally) which belies the propensity of Pakistanis to blame all their woes first on the departing British `colonials’ and lately on the American `dogs’ and the Indian-Zionist conspiracy nexus.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

When will we learn that we need to unite and become a cohesive and strong entity through nation-building and good governance?

Of course the Americans will exploit the huge vacuum in leadership and fissures in national unity.

Nature dictates this; if it isn’t the Americans, it will be someone else (Taliban, Shaitan, Iran, Kirgistan – you get the drift).

So in my not so humble opinion, we need to start a movement to first stop cribbing about how the Amercans(cowboys) and Indians are manipulating us, stop being `martyrs and victims’, get our collective act together and build a bastion of strength through the glue and grit of the common folk and silent majority.

Easier said than done.

But who said Rome was built in a day?

Please feel free to distribute this as you please.



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