What a laugh!

by Khurshid Anwer

We had no stopped laughing after president Zardari said, “Gillani is a strong PM”, when another hilarity has hit us smack in the face – Raja Pervaiz Ashraf – aka the goof, Jehangir Badar, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Babar Awan, Qaim Ali Shah, Naveed Qamar, Rana Aftab Ahmad, to name a few of the Thinkers, are to form a PPP Think Tank.  More like a Tank of ‘Yes Men’. Is any one of them capable of expressing an independent thought on any subject in the presence of the Head Honcho. I can just imagine the twenty of them sitting around a table, elbow on the table, palm on the forehead, in the pose made famous by Allama Iqbal, trying to Think. How much more hilarious can things get. In any case what have they been doing so far?

Back in Attock we had a colleague who in meetings with the chief executive would move his head up and down, up and down, even when disagreeing on some point with the chief executive. He was never seen moving his head from left to right. Can any of the twenty strong Think Tank gird up enough courage to move their head from left to right. Those who dared to do so are all sitting out in the cold, to wit Aitzaz Ahson, Safdar Abbasi, Naheed Khan and some others.

Other recent uplifting news:

Nation editorial Aug 20 – the story making the round alleges that front men of influential political personalities are occupying sensitive positions in the various public institutions, and are involved in corrupt practices (the famous cronyism).

State Bank of Pakistan – credit to private sector continues to fall, however credit to public sector enterprises is on the rise (private industry is being squeezed i.e. the common man is being squeezed, to fund unproductive employment of the jialas in the public sector)

Nation – Wobbly condition: foreign investment falls by 12% to $195.6 million in the first month of the fiscal year (agai agai dekhaya hota hai kaya).

Government borrowings surge by Rs 64 billion (so what is new?).

New York oil hits new 2009 peak above $ 74 (Dr Salman Shah’s fear of Pakistan economy not being able to sustain oil price hike appears to be coming true. Not so his claim that Kalabagh dam was not a matter of choice but of survival of the country)

Government to modernize Textile sector (how? by diverting gas to IPPs). For the time being Textile exports decline by 12% in July.

Tarin opposes Rental Power, says economy cannot sustain the burden. The goof wants to divert all resources of the country towards power generation so he can keep to his promise of no load shedding by December. Let us hope Tarin can put a collar around his neck.


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