A government of school girls and school boys Aug 12

by Khurshid Anwer

PPP excels in cronyism and in appointing minister who are hardly out of school. I forget where I read the following:
A multitude of ministers, advisers, special assistants and ambassadors (their number at the centre approaches 100) do little. The portfolios of many are a butt of public jokes. In the provinces their number is larger but their work less. The irony of a situation in which the politicians are gaining jobs while the workers (non jialas) are losing them does not seem to register. When a cabinet has scores of ministers, power inevitably comes to rest in a clique or a cabal, That is what has come to happen. That perhaps was also the intention. The country needs fresh polls but of that there is not the remotest possibility.

Talat Husain on Aaj Tv showed a complete list of the ministries and ministers, many of whom, he said, are unseen and unheard. He was most scathing of the preformance of the government. Pointing to the PPP flags on every lamp post on the constitution avenue, he said, does PPP belng to Pakistan or does Pakistan belong to PPP. The latter, I think – magar sharam unko phir bhi nahi aati.
School girl Fauzia Wahab says poverty is being alleviated, government is taking every step which could assuage the masses (how this is being done, she is keeping up her sleeve).
Dr Ashfaque Ahmed says poverty is increasing, 2.5 crore below the poverty line (obviously he does not know what Fauzia Wahab knows).

The Nation editorial says – Unemployment is intensifying at an alarming rate, not only small enterprises but also huge industrial groups are shutting down. One of the prominent industrial groups at Hattar is on the verge of collapse and has stopped paying salaries to its employees. Instead of hollow promises government should come up with solid policy to revive industry (obviously the editor does not know what Fauzia Wahab knows).
Rahman Malik says it is in the PPP manifesto to end poverty (how nice if poverty could be ended just by being in the manifesto).
Fauzia Wahab and Rahman Malik need to go back to school to learn that poverty can only be alleviated through the two major non-government employers – industry and agriculture. What is Fauzia Wahab’s party doing about expanding these; these will not expand without power and water; power and water will not be had without mega dams, not in 12 years but sooner.
MD – PIA a bankrupt institution. No wonder. Appointment of incompetent cronies, some fresh out of school – eager to oblige by taking on 660 extra hands  (it is a chicken and egg question, was it bankrupt before the 660 were taken on, or did it go bankrupt because of the 660 free loaders).
In other countries where a ‘workers party’ is not in power, private sector is losing jobs in thousands. 371,000 lost in US in July on top of 463,000 in June. And US is a democracy. Democracy does not mean the will of the incompetent majority.

Bare mian to barre mian, chote mian Subhan Allah:
Nation aug 07 – NAB has sent notice to Jehangir Badar to explain his following properties.
Shares in Bakhtawar hotel, International hotel, Lahore hotel, National Tourism Hostel, Usman plaza, Butt plaza in Badami Bagh, Kamani Factory on Band road. Shares in hotels in Dubai, London and Toronto.

Petrol pump in Virginia. Two houses in Allama Iqbal town, a 10 kanal house under construction in Ali Town on Raiwind road and a two kanal commercial plot near Thokar Niaz Beg.
The rewards for being a student leader of the peoples party.


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