Kalabagh Dam and the Age of Stupid

By Khurshid Anwer

My letter to the press:
Sir, If Kalabagh dam is not built
The biggest irrigation network in the world will become the smallest irrigation network in the world. Without Kalabagh dam and the left bank canal, not only will north Punjab not get any Indus water from the Kalabagh dam, but also not from Bhasha dam or from any other dam on the Indus. With Mangla dam silting up progressively, two thirds of north Punjab will revert from irrigated to barani. Punjab will not be able to produce enough food even for itself. Food inflation will hit the roof. ‘Sasti Roti’ will become a dream of the past. Not only agriculture will suffer but industry will also be hit. There will be a 50 percent loss in national food production. The 40 percent of Pakistan’s exports which are agro-based will also be hit.
All this because of the ‘Punjab phobia’ that big brother is out to make Sindh a desert by building Kalabagh dam. On the contrary nothing will save Sindh from becoming a desert without Kalabagh dam. Bhasha dam will give Sindh only 2.2 million acre feet of water and that too in 12 years. Sindh needs twice as much in half the time. Except of course if  Sindh intends to usurp Punjab’s share by not allowing north Punjab access to the Indus river, in which case all the water from Bhasha dam and any other dam on the Indus will just flow to Sindh.
The same level of distrust prevails in all matters pertaining to relations between Punjab and the smaller provinces. How much of that distrust is genuine and how much imaginary can be judged from the Kalabagh example


The Age of Stupid: New Film Gives Us a Painfully Realistic Look at Life in 2055
London is underwater, New Orleans won’t be rebuilt a third time, the arctic is ice free, and agriculture is failing, which leads to global food riots and ultimately the collapse of civilization…. This is the premise of the new crowd-funded British independent film The Age of Stupid.Set in 2055, the film portrays a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the worst impacts of climate change, and looks back at the critical period between 2005 and 2015 to examine why we didn’t save ourselves when we still had the chance.

Post July 29
PM Asks Ashraf not to make promises | No deadline on end to power crisis   
Says he will open a power plant every month.
(apart from the matter of global warming, what will happen if oil prices touch $ 150 again, what will then happen to the economy, can Pakistan put all its eggs in one basket)



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