The goof is on a war footing July 23

Khurshid Anwer

The goof told the media men, “We will resolve load shedding on a war footing. I am going again to Karachi tomorrow”.

Once upon a time the jungle animals got fed up with the lion picking up any one of them for his dinner. A grand jamboree was called to discuss this matter on a ‘war footing’. The wisest of them, a monkey, was chosen to save them from the lion. The monkey could be seen every morning rushing up a tall tree and then rushing down again, but the foraging of the lion continued as before. When the affectees complained to the monkey, he said, don’t you see how busy I am all day on your behalf, meriyan jaandiyan dekho te meriyan aandiyan dekho.

PM has said Pakistan facing energy crisis. How observant of him.
PM wants power crisis resolved. If wishes were horses.

President admits outages taxing the masses’ nerves, load shedding must stop. Reminds me of King Canute who sat down on a Brittany beach and forbade the ocean waves from touching his feet.
He has also said, ghair rawayeti faisaley karney parrein gai. How about Kalabagh dam Sir, what could be more ghair rawayeti  than that.

He has asked Tajikstan to supply power pronto. He should find out whether it is thermal or hydel power. No need to annoy BB.

There is always a first to everything. We have had our first fatal casualty in the ongoing power riots. You can bet you bottom dollar this will not be the last.

PPP Punjab, not to be left behind, have accused PML-N of instigating the power riots in Punjab, they have stopped short of holding PML-N responsible also for the even worse power riots in Karachi.
On the positive side, dams have started rearing their ugly heads in TV discussion programs. One anchor person actually said out aloud that China has over 20,000, USA 9000, India 5000 and Turkey 800. Contrary to the anti-dam propaganda, China, India and Turkey are still going ahead with more mega dams.

Have you noticed a reduction in the load shedding. One reason is the cooler weather and the other is more water in the dams. So, are the dams good or are they bad. Should we go on listening to our ignoramus politicians, past (meaning deceased) and present.

One thing really cheeses me off when I hear anchor persons asking, is there no one who will get all the leaders together to resolve the water dispute between the provinces. They forget that in 1991 Mian Nawaz Sharif did exactly that and got all the provinces to sign the Water Apportionment Accord which, inter alia, states, “All provinces agree to the necessity of more dams on all the rivers, including on the Indus”. A clear understanding on Kalabagh dam. The Sindh delegation requested Kalabagh dam not be mentioned by name and Mian Saheb agreed, me thinks, he agrees too readily, going by what is happening these days.

Unfortunately before the Accord could be implemented, along came BB and in her regal fashion brushed aside all that was happening or had happened, good or bad. Remember what she did to the Motorway – stopped all work for months, said it will be four lane and not six lane, costs escalated due stoppage of work, the South Korean builders went home, and then belatedly it was back to six lane again. The same thing happened to WAA and people have even forgotten it exists.

Have a nice day, elsewhere.


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