A government of immature amateurs July 24

Khurshid Anwer

Conversation between the Aaj anchor person and political analyst Haroon Rashid was most illuminating, the latter said:

– we have seen all kinds of governments but have never seen such a ‘be-amal’ government i.e. all words and no action.

– none of the ministers are people who have done anything notable in the past i.e. they are only party loyalists (I agree, the worst thing about a PPP government is its cronyism – the kind of people that are posted to important positions, PPP is a big family where even an imbecile relative has to be accommodated in a cushy job, examples abound).

– he said, the country cannot afford to sit back and allow a capital flight of 50 billion dollars.

– he said, never have we had such a ‘be-niaz’  head of state like Zardari i.e. he sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil, except through US eyes.

(Rahman Malik says India is training Baloch youth in Kabul. Afghanistan agrees to clamp down. Does this make India friend or foe?

– Haroon Rashid concluded, when things come to this stage then the king-pin has to go.


Other cheerful news:
Net foreign investment has plummeted 51% in FY 2009.

Inflation has increased by 20.77 % in FY 2009.

Pakistan ready made garments manufacturers and exporters have said there is a 60 % decline in buying orders due to load shedding.

Dr Salman Shah has said KBD would have saved 5 billion dollars in oil imports annually. He said cost of energy impacts directly on current account deficit, if the oil prices rise again, Pakistan’s economy will not be able to sustain itself.

Shouting why there is no power or gas load shedding for industries in Karachi, textile owners in Faisalabad have threatened self-immolation
in front of Punjab and NWFP Assemblies.

The banners seen in a procession:

na  bijli  na  pani

barre  khawar

chief  tere  janisar


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