Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair….


I must begin with an apology to everyone, my piece scheduled for last week, got sidelined because of this trip to San Francisco.

Yes, this comes to you from the west coast of the USA, San Francisco, to be precise; having recovered from the 15 hour haul over the North Pole, we got here in relatively good condition; it was not long before I had my camera out and began my collection of Photos of SAN FRANCISCO.

So the first impressions it is always the same, its good be back in SFO! On previous trips We were based out of San Jose and used to drive out to SFO for the day, but this time we are based in the Big City, since my son has moved there 2 months ago. He works with an IT Giant.

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Stepping out with the Family to get a feel for the neighborhood where we are staying with my son, Taimoor and daughter in law Aamnah we walk mostly because parking is always a challenge besides the MUNNI or bus service is so convenient and fun to use. This area is just off centre from the central part of San Francisco, and as you will see it is a very interesting city!

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This beautiful city and very friendly people, is so full of sights and scenes worth sharing with the readers, enjoy them! more will follow.

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