Wasteful expenditure, isn’t it?

The News, Thursday, July 02, 2009, Ishrat Hyatt, Islamabad

Going into Islamabad these days the sight of flags flying on electric poles greets you, right from the outer limits of the airport and all along the main roads of the capital — they are not to be seen in Pindi, which comes under the Punjab government.
You may well ask why this fact is being pointed out because flags on electric poles have been our way of welcoming VIP visitors for many years. But these flags are not the multi-coloured flags which are usually flown on these occasions — they are the red, green and black flags of the PPP and someone said they were put up to celebrate BB’s birthday.
While it is the right of party workers to celebrate their leader’s birthday or any other day in whatever manner they deem fit, flying the party flag included, in these times when better use can be made of the material, it was not an appropriate method. The fact that thousands of yards of materials were used to prepare the flags should have been taken into consideration because this cloth could have been donated to make clothes for the IDP’s — surely a more significant gesture to pay tribute to a great leader, especially as appeals are going out to donate clothes along with other necessities.
Now these flags will be taken down when the material is faded and there is no other use for it except to throw it away or maybe used as dusters if it is sold in lots to those who in the business of making them. What a waste of money and a missed opportunity to do something more worthwhile to celebrate the birthday of a people’s leader! Those in the echelons of power should really take more care while planning events in such an unimaginative manner because wasteful expenditure in these days is not appreciated.


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