This is the sort of reaction, that this man is getting from Pakistanis from around the world!

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Description:If you agree that traitors like Asif Zardari should be hanged and not allowed to flee from the country, please sign this petition. We intend to put pressure on the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Pakistani Media to bring this traitor to Justice.

Asif Ali Zardari, the current President of Pakistan, has a free run over Pakistani taxpayer’s money and is busy filling his bank accounts. The country is burning while he enjoys unprecedented protocol on his regular foreign excursions visiting dance bars and inviting hookers to his hotel – all at the Pakistani taxpayer’s money. This comes at a time when over 3 million Pakistanis are refugees within the country due to the ongoing military action against terrorists.
This is just the tip of the iceberg – He is also guilty of compromising Pakistan’s security for money.
All his wealth is stored in foreign bank accounts, his family and properties live abroad. His policy is to make as much money as he can and run. In doing so, he is harming Pakistan’s interests.
PPP Flags have replaced Pakistani flags and his son’s photo has replaced Quaid-e-Azam’s photo in the President House.
He is a traitor and deserves to be hanged to death.
Asif Ghaddari Ko Islamabad ke khambon pe tanga dekhna hai!!!!
Hazaroon Saal uski Maa karti rahi uskay baap ke saath ghaddari,
Phir ja kar payda huwa Asif Ali Zardari
The most corrupt man in the history of this region and easily the most degenerate and despicable c*nt of a human being (If you can call him that) who has been implanted as President of Pakistan.
Half the country is burning while this asswipe is busy filling his bank accounts, knowing that he has very little time left before he can pack up as much as he can and run.
We’re using this group to call for our countrymen to ensure he isn’t allowed to run away, and is brought to justice.
The day isn’t far when we shall see Asif Ali Zardari hanging on a lamp-post in Islamabad!!


8 Responses to “HANG ZARDARI !!”

  1. koolblue Says:

    Frankly, if one looks back over the years and seeks confirmation of the abilities by associating his experiences in real life, where on earth would you say he has the skills or the ability to be a leader? then how is he there? by instilling fear in all those who may dissent! he is a street kid, who grew up with the folks who used coersion to make things happen, dont forget he is the same person who raised his hand on a premier of this country, so much for respect! Bhatta is not a stranger to to the title of 10% hey! dont get me wrong!! I am all for free enterprise, as long as you dont run fowl of the law or have a finger pointed at you or get caught with your hand in the pot!!

    How much does a person need? is it not enough? here was a God given chance to turn this country around but instead it is a closed mafia that does his bidding in so many matters that the public doesnot even hear of!!
    Also of all the brazilians of bucks stored over seas, all that was needed to do was repatriate 1 brazilian to pakistan to save the country from fincial ruination and half of that to aid the IDPs, instead being surrounded by grovellers thinking is for the birds i guess!
    Now with the talk of dynasty rule and the break up of major province to diminish a partys power?! is that justified??!! Think about all of the above and other things you may hear, all worth the time to review your circumstances.

    • azim Says:

      yes most definately zardari should be hanged in public in one of the city roundabout where public can see his desd body for weeks.
      his whole family should also be banned for life from entering pakistan.
      his sisters are as guilty as he is and they should face the same punishment

  2. Romano Says:

    I agree with a lot of what Rehan says, however we must not ignore the fact that his financial dealings abroad came in for a lot of scrutiny, and the only court cases that were inconclusive were the ‘dropped’ ones. These, mind you were withdrawn AFTER the PPP came to power. If you care to read the comments of the Spanish magistrate in one such case, its obvious that there was ‘something rotten in Denmark.’
    The UN Oil for Food scandal? It makes for interesting reading, and names another hero of this country, Rehman Malik.
    People who read and comment on blogs are not ‘stupid’, merely interested and involved in the state of their country. I hope that has not been made a crime by the PPP?

  3. azam Says:

    its too bad na

  4. Beenis Says:

    very bad

  5. Rehan Azmi Says:

    Zardari’s leadership, removed General (R) Pervez Musharraf, da unconstitutional President of Pakistan, from office in a historic move, through a series of complex negotiations and political diplomacy. Mr. Zardari united Pakistan’s major political parties and this unprecedented act was accomplished without any violence. Zardari is being targeted by anti-democratic forces for vilification and persecution and bore the hardship with fortitude. The fact is dis he spent eleven and a half years in prison in conditions often unacceptable by human rights standards, without any charge ever being proven against him. He won election as MNA and as senator while in prison. Despite many offers from the government of the time to leave PPP or to go abroad under a negotiated political exit, he remained committed to Party goals and continued his fight for justice and the return of a democratically elected civilian leadership. And wat is dis:
    Asif Ali Zardari secured 481 votes, Pakistan Muslim League-N candidate Justice (Retd.) Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui secured 153 votes while Mushahid Hussain Sayed fielded by PML-Q bagged 44 votes.
    We need to change our stupid attitude towards leaders of Pakistan. After all he is president of Pakistan.. A stupid person should keep silent. But if he knew this, he would not be a stupid person.

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