WE are Pakistanis First & Foremost, our salvation lies in it!!

This is very simple to achieve, and the quickest way is to start with oneself, I mean YOU, yes! YOU; Believe you are a Pakistani first and ONLY a Pakistani, nothing else matters or counts Forever!

Then make or convince your own family to change their thinking process that they are ONLY Pakistanis.

Then move to your inner circle of friends and make them understand that they are Pakistani first and ONLY Pakistani

And so on, if each one of us can do this every day, day after day, 365/12, we will just begin to build ourselves into a NATION as the Quaid e Azam envisioned

Our recognition around the world is that we are PAKISTANI and our salvation on earth, lies in building a strong, “united, faithful and disciplined” country called PAKISTAN,

We will then automatically think first of our country, the MOTHERLAND,

also then ask yourself what it is that you can and must do for your Motherland not what can the Motherland do for you!

May the Almighty give us all the strength to give up our old hateful thoughts and ways and single mindedly accept Pakistaniat

Have a great Day!Pakistanis, where ever you may be!


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