Where is the money coming from June 13

by Khurshid Anwer

Government increases salaries and pension by 15%. Another rise in PPP popularity. Another dent in the development budget.

Where will the money come from – ask a silly question, get a silly answer – from heavy government borrowing from the banks, squeezing bank lending to the private sector. Another dent in the job market.

But PPP is not hampered by the downturn in the job market when it can force-employ jialas in their thousands in the captive public-sector and industry. Another rise in PPP popularity. Another dent in productivity and profitability.

Nation – Downturn cost 187,800 French jobs in the first quarter. The French should learn from Pakistan. The Bhuttos never allowed a worker to be fired, on the contrary, neither will Zardari. Because stupid – today’s worker is tomorrow’s voter.

Same with the students. Don’t let teachers loose on the students. Students have the numbers (votes), not teachers. Also bring in those below 21, right down to 18, even  if they can’t tell ‘left’ from ‘right’.

Growth down to 2%. No electricity – no growth in industry (actually 7.7% negative growth). No water – no growth in agriculture.

No Kalabagh dam – no electricity – no water. PPP honours its commitment to its fallen leader. Another rise in PPP popularity. No dent in hunger and poverty.

An American consultant said to Engr. Shamsul Mulk, the then chairman Wapda, “Mega dams are a scar on the face of a country”.  He replied, “The bigger scars are those of hunger and poverty on the faces of our children”.  

Learned opinion has it that Kalabagh dam is now imperative for the survival of the country. The government will have to develop the necessary political will. But the 64,000 dollar question is, will Sindh get over its phobia of the left bank canal without which the dam is no damn use to man or beast. 

Nation – Increase in power tariff to hit industry:  A number of industrial units have shut down and a large number of workers have lost their jobs. Higher power tariff will raise the cost of production, increase the cost of finished goods and make them uncompetitive in the international market

Nation – Power shortage will shut down SMEs:  Many small and medium enterprises are on the verge of collapse and thousands of workers have been fired.

So what else is new?

Khurshid Anwer  

Stop press: Rawalpindi branch of the supreme court issues arrest warrants of Raja Pervez Ashraf, aka the Goof. Some one up there is smiling down on us.


One immediate response to ‘Where is the money coming from”

from Farzana Shah   

You should have asked from where did PPP give those billions of rupees to thousands of PPP Jiyalas who were inducted again having earlier been dismissed by the Nawaz govt.

Do you know they got crores of rupees for all those years they were out of office.

I know one boy who was in a bank. Would you believe me he got 5 crore rupees. And in his own words he said he was not expecting that much "meri tau kismat hee badal gaee"

Many famous names got up to 18 crores. One name is Rehman Malik.


My comment:

Another rise in PPP popularity. Another nail in Pakistan’s coffin.

Khurshid Anwer


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