Baseless Stories, To members of THE ONLY HOPE-MUSHARRAF

by Basim Antony Achmed

Well I was reading The News..and realised that some one wrote "Enough of Musharraf’s statements. Everyboday hates him, and he brought shame to the army’s name..and now is crying crocodile tears? And his service for the nations have proven disastrous for both the govt and Pakistan, so they are not needed" Well…Excuse me…he said "If they need me as a Peace Diplomat for India and Pakistan. If i met this "Bangash Khan" who writes from SWAT, I will literally slap him on his face. Musharraf’s era saw unprecedent peace and the best composite dialogue ever.

Prove the fact wrong when Manmohan Singh himself says that the matters between Pakistan and India (Kashmir) were on a major breakthrough.

Apart from that..just remember one thing…when a leader leaves, scums like Ansar Abbasi can only level allegations. We have seen from our history that, when out of power, journos write up against the ex leaders. well firstly, grow up! secondly, concentrate on the future and the present, thirdly, your cases haven’t proven right ever! Now that the SC has been blessing the looters and pulling the plugs on the corruption cases of Nazuk Shareef so openly.

Well the drama being created by Ansar Abbasi is unproven as it is. If Musharraf did "power theft"…well take him to court. Prove your baseless-from-your-ass stories. Why would you waste your time writing up on it, when if you have "substantial proof", then knock the door of your Corrupt CJ.

And of course, the rejoined issued by none other then Ansar Abbasi about "FO approved of the Holbrooke and CJ meeting." Look…honestly, why are you being CJ’s mouth piece? Why does a news writer/editor have to publish one sided stories? Why do you have to defend a person through your stories? What? Your secret romance has being quite fruitful that you have to waste your and our time by writing rejoinders for corrupt CJ?

Then there was an article in The News yesterday saying PML Q is happy that Musharraf resigned. Firstly, the new story is yellow journalism, secondly, there are no "PML Q members" cited. I mean at least those jerks had a name as the story read "most of the senior PML Q members are happy."

Thirdly, why waste your paper with your crap? Musharraf left an year ago. It surely makes sense that these people can not see that he is still quiet liked by his supporters and most importantly, in the World, he is the only Pakistani leader, after Quaid-e-Azam, who has been continuously getting a lot of respect and time.

I would take it this way, Musharraf is still very powerful and popular that even after he has left and you saying that he is the thing from the "past" …he still remains. your endless discussions about him, and your every attempt to bring him down, proves that he is still there. πŸ™‚ If he was the past, you would have moved on. Why are you honestly so scared of his fame?

And as for others citing "Nawaz Shareef is becoming popular." Well who gives a rat’s ass? Do you? And the constant "we stand by the story" drama…well keep it to your self you Jews Group. We don’t care! πŸ™‚
The Only Hope – and always will be – Musharraf.
Salute to the Leader πŸ™‚


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