Sir, About these Jehadis

by Khurshid Anwer, My letter to the press:

June 11

Reference above letter of B A Malik, Nation June 11, what is being overlooked in all the brouhaha is that the Taliban are fighting a battle of life and death against the foreign occupation of their country.

Whereas Pakistan had supported them to free their country from the Russians, now Pakistan is supporting the American occupation by fighting the latter’s proxy war. It is only by accepting this reality that the anger of the Taliban at Pakistan can be understood.

There are those in the country who feel that people cannot be subdued by the use of force, perhaps temporarily but never permanently. If installing a few cantonments can do the trick, the British would have done it. They even had to let go India, the ‘jewel’ in the British crown.

Israel has not been able to subdue the Palestinian people with the use of brute force in sixty years, neither has India succeeded in Kashmir. The lessons are writ large. We have to accept the Jehadis as they are and then reform them internally over a period, and not externally as we are trying to do.

It is obvious the present military operation was launched under US pressure and in haste on the eve of president Zardari’s visit to US. This is further proved by the laudatory statements now ensuing from there.

US is least worried what happens to Pakistan as long the Jehadis, their own creation, the equivalents of America’s founding fathers, are not left free to upset their game plan in Afghanistan. Pakistan unfortunately has become the front line state in fulfilling US aims. A policy started by Musharraf and being followed faithfully by Zardari. 


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