Ejazul Haq, an enemy of the people, exposed!

by Roman Holiday

I have always been a firm believer that Ejaz Ul haq has been riding the coattails of his late dictator father, and would never be a true son of the soil. Sadly, that feeling has now been given more credence by Musharraf’s statement last night on a talk show where he confirmed that Ejaz DID spring the Ghazi brothers from the Abpara Police station after they were arrested for gun running.

This incident, which was reported in papers, involved the car and driver of the Maulanas of Lal Masjid hauled up as he was trying to smuggle guns into the mosque.

What business had Ejaz to go and have them released from the Police Station? Gun running is a serious non bailable offence. He had no business sticking his neck out, or had he?

It was on his father’s watch that Saudi Arabia started sponsoring Wahhabi madrases and mosques in this country. That intolerant violent extremist version of Islam slowly spread its roots throughout southern Punjab and parts for the NWFP and FATA. The results are before us now.

Ejaz is a symbol of that status quo. Surely such people should not be allowed to meddle in the affairs of State? Instead what does the Govt of the time do but give him a minister ship!

The sooner this pimple is consigned to the dust bin of history, the better!


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