I TOLD YOU SO! “A leopard can never lose its dark spots”, from the “ravings of a social hermit”

By Zahid Husain

Ever since the prominent figure were interviewed on the current affairs program Halaat-e-Hazara, on Business Plus+, over and over again the very same question was asked by the grey haired anchor on the show, what is the guarantee that the legal deposed persona would not revert to his age old ways of his ingrained upbringing and character which has been formed since early education.

There are daily reports that this persona has continued to quietly go back to the habits formed over a major life time, example, wishing to build a palace of unparalled opulence as the residence of the head legal honcho of the state of Lilliput, not content with the present structure, an additional one is in the process of design (under wraps) to squander further the already depleted, meager resources of this improvished country.

As for that inner burning desire for the limelight, no moment is ever turned down or created to have the camera on the persona, it is but natural for one deprived of such ego projection in a land full Lilliputian egos! Inside somewhere there is another persona screaming to get out! Obviously the profession chosen cannot provide public projection on the other hand, nothing is impossible in Lilliput;

The anchor had asked repeatedly what happens when things revert to the old ways, the response was always the same; we are there to ensure that, those who represent us before the law are today also the same, any doubts? Then recall last weeks goings-on at the Lahore enclave of the Noir Jackets; I believe that those sitting at the Head Table should have all walked out when the individual incumbent of the Federal Govt. was unceremoniously removed; let me hasten to clear up this no matter how much you dislike the individual, he is there in an official capacity, it is the office you show respect for, not the person; Lilliputians have so focused on the persona projection that now we totally ignore the responsibility of that function and the office represented.

Sadly they all sat there clinging to their chairs, mostly people who have no self respect and are slaves to an alien agenda or a political agenda take your choice!

Moving on to more recent shenanigans the press displays photos and quotes spokesmen that the persona was on official matters relating to the state!? Oh! Please!!!! Stop pulling the wool over the eyes of the public that sleeps with its eyes wide open, shut, no open, shut, whatever!

What on earth has a visitor from the court of the exalted stars&stripes got to do with the jurisprudence of Lilliput!?

Or what does one pillar have to do with another pillar of Lilliput except that they share specific responsibility separately NOT together and cannot be under one and the same roof at the same time. Why was such impropriety permitted? The Baboos have added yet another accessory to their attire, the ‘gag’; they shall not speak when they should.

As for the man-on-the-spot, I wish him all the luck in the world, if his conscience and his intentions are honourable, but of course he is honourable, aren’t we all honourable men and women in Lilliput. I say let us not be forsaken by the Almighty, because we have done everything with malifide intentions and continue to believe we are the chosen ones in a land of the purest, our Creator is indeed most forgiving for He continues to display the Tolerance He is known for, time and time again, may He have mercy on a very misguided and very badly led land of Lilliput.

Reputation is what you are perceived to be, character is what you are; REAL character means doing what is right when nobody is looking


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