On the horns of a dilemma June 05

by Khurshid Anwer

I have a dilemma. I am the all powerful head of the government, also the head of the majority party and one of my MNAs makes the following speech in the National Assembly in my presence:

Quote – May God grant me the courage to tell the truth for which I beseech the help of the Almighty. Mister President Sir, I am proud of the honour bestowed upon me to open the debate on the 1973 Constitution in this esteemed assembly.

This is a historical moment when we have assembled for the formulation of the Constitution, but it is also a sad occasion that this house comprises only half of Pakistan because 168 members from East Pakistan are absent. This is because the leader of the minority party had decided to destroy the leader of the majority party.

In any country when the leader of a minority party decides to rubbish the majority party, it always leads to disruption, a situation of crisis is born. And we have had to face this situation of crisis because this gentleman was hungry for power and he destroyed the country in order to achieve this power.

This same leader had said in Lahore on February 28, 1971, that any one who goes to Dhaka will have his legs broken and should go on a one-way ticket. In March 1971 he had said at the Patel Park in Karachi, “idhar hum, udhar tum, I have the majority in West Pakistan and you have it in East Pakistan, therefore power should be transferred separately to us”. For this the country had to face ridicule and ignomy.

Today our honour has been trashed, our army has had to face defeat and we have lost half the country. Who is responsible for this? History will catch this culprit. History will put him in the dock of public opinion. He will have to give an answer. He cannot escape – Unquote.

My dilemma is, should I take this as the ravings of a mad man and ignore them or should I make him pay for his insolence. Before I go ahead I would be grateful for your advice.

NB: the Urdu text of the speech is available with me and can be made available.


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