Innovative Idea for heat protection

by Zahid Husain

This innovative concept was detected by my adventurous wife, Shereen Masoud, while on her travels to Iran, recently; While on board a plane which was approaching an airport she noticed the glimmering shimmering brightness on the roofs of the houses and inquired about it.

To her surprise, she discovered that in the summer months it gets so hot and most methods of insulating roofs are so prohibitively expensive, that they came up with this novel solution of using tin foil!

So simple when you think about it! all it takes is flat clay pans (kanalees in Punjabi), rolls of tin/aluminum foil, and a drill with a couple of ceramic drill bits, I say a couple because they wear down while drilling! Place 5 hole in each pan as located in the photo cover with foil, pierce the foil to ensure the holes are not blocked.

Then place these upside down on flat brick pieces to keep them raised of the roof so air can circulate freely.

Voila! we have a marked reduction in room temperature in the room below the placement. The afternoons (44 C) are very comfortable with a water-cooler/desert-cooler without having to switch on Air-conditioning! Thus saving on power consumption, as well!


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