Pakistan Rising! Green Ribbon expression of support for the defenders of the Motherland & the Peace in Lahore

by Zahid Husain


On June 3rd, 2009, the sun did eventually set on Charring Cross, Lahore, but those who had gathered bravely despite the threat and a high alert from the authorities, lit up their deeahs at the fountain to create their glow in the setting sun, to mark their support for our Gallant Troops who are ever-willing to make the supreme sacrifice in the defense of Our Motherland, and to record the Lahore citizens respect for the Lahore Police Jawans who embraced Shahadat on the that fateful day in May.
The gathering that did not number more than 150 in all, then, moved down Queens road raising Naras (slogans) in solidarity of Pakistan, Islam and The Shaheeds, to the site of the Blast by the Kafir insurgents on the 15 HQ building.

Here the deeyahs were place along with flowers and candles and rose petals, the event was marked by recitation of the Surah e Fatiha and prayers for the Fallen in Defending the Motherland closed by a spirited rally call by a lady to the Nation to come together at this point in History to Defend our Pakistan!




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