Mr. CM Punjab, why do these incidents continue to occur?!!

Daily Times, Lahore 

Police favour law-violating influential person: Hush the generator, demand the annoyed neighbours

* Complainant says it is revolting that EPD officials and police allowed reinstallation of generator despite offender’s harsh attitude towards them
By Afnan Khan

LAHORE: The police are favouring an influential Gulberg resident despite clear violations of law – threatening government officials and using an electricity generator without a soundproof canopy.

Mrs Imtiaz, a resident of 292-A/1, Gulberg III, submitted an application to the Environment Department against her influential neighbour for using generators without installing any additional equipment to curb pollution.

The Environment Protection Department (EPD) officials, after arriving at the spot, issued a notice to the people using illegal generators, however, the offenders not only tore the notice but also abused the officials and warned them to leave or face dire consequences. The EPD inspectors lodged a first information report (FIR) with the Ghalib Market Police against the offenders for violating the law and threatening department officials.

The department later handed over a notice to the offenders and confiscated the generator, on the grounds that it was illegal to use a generator without a soundproof canopy, the pollution was adversely affecting the locals and the offenders threatened and insulted EPD officials.
However, the same area’s police later registered a counter FIR against the EPD officials, alleging that they broke into their premises and stole the offenders’ generator, cancelling the FIR registered by the department. The department’s officials later handed over the generator to the offenders, who have installed it again.

Revolting: Mrs Imtiaz said the way the EPD officials and the police were first insulted by her neighbours and the way they later supported the re-installation of the generator was revolting. She said the offender claimed to be a personal secretary to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, adding that he came into the street and warned all the neighbours against saying anything when the generator was reinstalled.

“The authorities just sent us back and forth from one official to the other. What was the use if the generator was going to get reinstalled anyway? This is exactly the type of acts that have made citizens loose faith in the law enforcing agencies,” the resident said.

EDO (Environment) Tariq Zaman said his department took appropriate action under the powers vested in it by confiscating the generator. He said the problem occurred due to the police officers concerned, as they not only supported the offenders, but also filed counter FIRs against the department’s officials. He regretted being forced to return the generator when the police registered the counter FIR.

Model Town Superintendent of Police Rana Ayaz Saleem denied supporting the offenders. To a question, he said he was not aware of the current status of the case and would explain the situation after discussing it with the Gulberg ASP.!!!!!


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