Largest internal displacement in history

by Nasira Javed Iqbal

Just entering Lahore after distressing experience of visit to camps. Lacs of humans are homeless and forlorn. They Walked Miles with elderly, children and babes in arms through difficult terrain. Shelling, firing and turmoil all around. Reaching unknown places while losing family members en route. Largest internal displacement in history.

They are lodged in tents under scorching sun, no electricity, water, food clothing or succour. Some inadequate supplies by government. Those lodged in schools at least have electricity with load shedding, but bare floors, no covering, clothes or utensils. They were given food on their hands.

Despair is everywhere. We tried to partially mitigate their suffering by supplying some necessities like floor coverings, pillows, sheets, clothes, chappals, powdered milk, sugar, combs, hand fans, soap, towels etc. I pray Pakistan survives this traumatic war. The victims do not understand what is its root cause and ultimate objective. We all appear to be the losers with no end in sight.

Please also pray for this sea of humanity.


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