‘US has plans to secure Pakistan’s nukes’

Daily Times, 16th May

LAHORE: American intelligence sources say the military’s chief terrorist-hunting squad, operating in Afghanistan, is working on a secondary mission to secure nuclear arsenals if the Taliban or Al Qaeda overwhelm Pakistan.

The US has a detailed plan for infiltrating Pakistan and securing its mobile arsenal of nuclear warheads if it appears that the country is about to fall under the control of the Taliban, Al Qaeda or other extremists.US intelligence sources told Fox the operation would be conducted by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), the super-secret commando unit.

Fox cited a US intelligence official in Afghanistan as saying JSOC has been updating its mission plan for “the day President Barack Obama gives the order” to infiltrate Pakistan. “Small units could seize them, disable them and then centralise them in a secure location,” he said. daily times monitor


One Response to “‘US has plans to secure Pakistan’s nukes’”

  1. KoolBlue Says:

    Mr US President, don’t even think about it! you know not the Pakistani Psyche, we will rise like you have never seen, everyman jack and his son will stand along side our troops, if your troops so much as step foot on our Motherland, Give us a fair deal, the indians MUST disarm first, other wise forget it! We are all for a region free of nukes, but not without fair equation NO WAY!!!

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