Hosting and Feasting May 16


by Khurshid Anwer

Nation – The dinner hosted by Ambassador Haqqani for the president was attended by 2000 people at an expense of half a million dollars! The US media is making fun of such happenings

Nation, May 16 –  Haqqani returns alone by taxi

President Zardari secretly met the head of CIA for two hours at an undisclosed location at midnight on Tuesday last. Haqqani was excluded from the talk at the last minute and after this embarrassing dismissal had to return alone by Taxi cab.

 The sources also confirmed continuation by the president of the Musharraf policy of giving some ‘very high assurances’ to US officials, possibly including intrusion of US forces into Pakistan territory.  

Nation – Federal ministers are desperately worried about shortage of funds for new upholstery and drapes in their official residences. Finance ministry sanctioned Rs 100,000 each but the ministers cried ‘Do More’. Despite PM’s resistance the grant was upped to Rs 500,000, multiply this by over 70 plus advisors.

Sheikh Rashid is an expert at coining new phrases. He has now said the PPP government is running on ‘Daily Wages’.

Athar Minallah told the Washington Pot, “The parliament is deaf and dumb and Zaradari is living in bunkerised luxury”.

An MQM type was pontificating that a whole year was lost in bringing back Iftikhar Chaudry on the premise that on his coming the rivers of milk will start flowing, there will be jobs for every one, economy will improve etc. Nothing of this has happened.

It is disgusting when educated people talk such politically blinkered nonsense. The ignoramus cannot see the advantage of having a judiciary which is capable of making independent judgments on matters concerning the people and is not functioning like the previous judiciary which was an extension of the various ministries.

Letter in the Frontier Post – The recent publication of a book titled "Formation of Republic of Jinnahpur" is a part of MQM´s conspiracy to disintegrate Pakistan. The ongoing condemnation by Altaf Hussain of Talibanisation in Karachi is an open evidence that MQM wants to clean Karachi from the settlers and pave way for formation of Republic of Jinnahpur!

PTI concerned over threats to the poor tandoor owners, cobblers, cart vendors, small hotel owners, labourers and other workers from NWFP and Balochistan to wrap up their businesses.

Police and Rangers carried out flag marches on May 12, 2009. Where were they on May 12, 2007?

The sayings of Sarwar Sukhera –

On smoking and cancer – of course, all living beings are going to die sooner or later. In the case if men, one wishes that some had died much earlier than when they actually did.

On revolutions – study any revolution and you will invariably find the mention of bread before any other social demand. Even Karl Marx’ wife had wished her husband would stop writing about the just distribution of money and start earning money to buy bread.

On walking – I envy young men with biceps larger than their brains


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