It’s time Pakistan grew up!

by C. Khaleeli

It is time Pakistani’s grew up. They have been a nation for over 60 years – retirement age.

Pakistan can not blame the whole world for its woes.  It worked to blame the British for the first 25 years but it does not carry weight today. 

We have left ourselves wide open to exploitation and allowed these "Zionist, western, kaffirs, self interest pushing murderers" to be our boss.  Look at Iran it is no man’s slave.  Pakistan was a viable country with a strong manufacturing and agricultural base in the 60’s. 

Our corrupt leaders have eaten that all up and are still robbing the poor to line their own pockets.  BUT we elect them, even now people are talking about giving the reins of govt to Sharif – himself a proven corrupt politician. 

Do we not have any honest, God fearing, Muslim (in the true sense) Politian in the whole of Pakistan?


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