Some sweet some bitter May 13

by Khurshid Anwer

The list of the seven wonders of the world keeps changing, The Pyramids and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon now have to take a back seat to Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge However, my list of the wonders of the world is as under:

– May 12, 2007 was a conspiracy against the innocent MQM.

– Bhutto never ordered Ahmed Raza Kasuri to be eliminated.

– Bhutto had no role in breaking up of the country.

– Benazir Bhutto never said Kalabagh dam is essential for Pakistan and for Sindh.

– Benazir joined Musharraf for the sake of democracy.

– Zardari is our Nelson Mandela having suffered jail for the love of the country.

– Gillani, not Zardari is running the government (then why do we hear “Gillani ko raha karo”).

– Altaf Hussain has donated one crore of his own money (not extorted from the hapless Karachiites).

Here are points from a letter I have received from a friend:

– By begging for money Zardari has proved he is Zar-dari.

– Under him Pakistan is in danger of becoming a permanent, habitual, international beggar.

– Couldn’t this rich wadera donate a year’s salary to IDPs.

     (he can even write off Pakistan’s 40 billion dollar debt)

– The 1947 exodus was ‘nagahani’, the 2009 exodus is home made.

On another subject, here is a very interesting but apt letter in the Frontier Post of May 09 by Dr A P Sangdil from Norway:

Altaf’s harangues

Many find longwinded blusters by Altaf Bhai of London irksome but I don’t. When Bhai appears on the TV, which many channels dutifully let him, I leave all I am doing and glue myself to the screen. Although largely verbose, he is never at loss for words. The impression people carry of his party is that it is no less than a hornet nest. You touch it and be prepared for a sting.

As children, we used to cover ourselves with a sheet before prodding a hornet nest with a long stick yet we used to get stung. Sometimes the hornets entered the sheet covering us and stung us merrily on the soft spots.

Once we two brothers were stung on the face round the eyes swelling them like balloons. Our father never without his usual sense of humour quickly took us to the nearest photographer round the street in Lalamusa and had our pictures taken. We still rejoice looking at them. In a typical nest, there are vigilant scouts whose job it is to sting intruders.

Bhai’s party has a number of scouts, slim in size, but deadly in pursuit. Hornets are of two types: bumblebees and yellow wasps (bhoonds). Bumblebee is dark brown and large while wasp is yellow and small.

I dare not call Bhai a bumblebee and his scouts yellow wasps but why do I recall my childhood days of messing with the nests whenever I read the reaction by Bhai and his sidekicks in the newspapers.

And a more serious letter on the same subject in the Frontier Post by Tehmina Afridi from Bahawalpur:

MQM mantra

In Pushto there is a famous saying “wayam day charta drata day charta khejee” simply put it means “I hit you at one place and you complain of the other part.” By harping the Talibanization mantra MQM is turning the militancy problem in the FATA, Swat and other adjoining areas to achieve its own hegemonic aims in Karachi.

For MQM Talibanization rhetoric has come as a God sent opportunity to get even with the Pukhtun community in Karachi. By terming all the Pakhtuns as Taliban MQM is going for target killings and the government is watching silently. This is ethnic cleansing and media is ignoring this henious crime by keeping mum about it.

Imran Khan is the only political leader so far who had the courage to call a spade a spade and dared to expose the real agenda of MQM. Even the so-called Pakhtun leaders have adopted the wait and see policy. While the Pukhtun population was being targeted by the the goons of MQM we witnessed a criminal silence by the media.

I didn’t see a single talk show on any TV channel taking up this very serious issue. It seems Pukhtuns are being targeted all over the country. They are being killed, maimed and looted in NWFP by the Taliban and by the MQM jiyalas in Karachi. Where are our so-called courageous Pukhtun leaders or are they too busy striking up deals with the Taliban to save their own necks?

Khurshid Anwer


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