by Dr. Khurrum Shaukat Yusafzai.

Karachi started burning once again , it was the same old story that , there is destruction many innocent people and some not so innocent people are dead because of fighting on piece of land that belong to Kachi Abadis . Suddenly the carnage spread to the roads far away from the piece of lands. Some goons on bikes with Automatic weapons roam the street and start to burn the Buses, rickshaws, and trucks. Chai Hotels/ Tea stall are burned in every nook and corner of Karachi.  Laborers are killed who are shoe shiners or poor people. Most of the property and those killed belong to poor FATA Pukhtoons 

In- fact where the Land in question is being disputed, belong to people of  FATA and DIR ( PATA) , the other party in question is Political Party  that believes that Karachi is only their Birth Right to rule.

They carry special inflammable substances that make the Vehicle’s burns very quickly otherwise, if one tries to burn a vehicle it cannot be done with immediate effect.  This is done in broad daylight even with Presence of Police, the Rangers and the Army/ ISI . Presence in the city .

The Vehicle belong to Pukhtoons belonging to Mehsud, Wazirs, Afridi,s and Shinwaris  of Tribal areas of FATA .  All those people, who are, fighting the USA in Afghanistan. They are not in  Good books of America.

The pukhtoons ANP, will not take their side as FATA does not come under its Ambit as no political parties act has been extended to FATA.  These people suffer losses in Billions and are never compensated. 

Foreign hand is blamed but never exposed as there is none involved, the Problem is definitely Pakistani if it were not then explain why not a single case has not been exposed of who are doing this.  Definitely, the Perpetrators are people who are in High and powerful positions that they cannot be challenged. Since 1980 not a single person has been punished and exposed .

If there were cases in the past, they were given protection by the NRO. The intelligence agencies will not give out their names and would not catch them either in-Fact people believe they created these groups on behest of certain Generals who are ethnically same as the political party and their Kith and kin enjoy good positions within the Political Party in Question. As the level of Military expertise and training of these people is not less then Special service group of Military. How come this can be done under the nose of Intelligence agencies. 

The Political Party in Question who is doing it , think that it has been pardoned in the past will be pardoned in future as in Pakistan accountability and judicial process is Pakistan is not fashion .

The Bottom Line is this, the only benefit from this is all the big Multinationals are avoiding Karachi and are shifting to Punjab like Lahore and other cities.  Even the Big multinational like Telecom sector etc, have all established their offices in Lahore and Islamabad rather then Karachi.


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