National Pride, where art thou?!

OK! we need to stop sucking up to the local US consuls in the various Cities.
Today I read that Mr US Consul was guest of honour at a Private school!!!
And while we are at it we have to stop accepting the dictatorial attitude of the Yanks Obama or no Obama, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid for Pakistan if his economy did not need him to, the war keeps the industry going in the USA, at our poor populations expense… JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE! STOP NOW!

As for the education institution, what message are you giving the future generations ?? That its ok to kiss the ass of the Big White Father!? what? for a fist full of dollars!

Where is our National Pride or are we past building it and into groveling at the West’s feet?! Think about the crime you are committing against the Motherland!


One Response to “National Pride, where art thou?!”

  1. Asif Ali Says:

    First, if we ever want to become a sovereign state, we need to tell the US to stop BUT before this, we need to remove the “Pro-US” brood of vipers in this country who are feeding the blood of the people to the USA aka Illuminatis.

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