Imran Khan Vs Altaf Hussain May 08


Nation, May 08 – Imran Khan has written to the British prime minister as under:

“I want to urgently bring to your attention the activities of Altaf Hussain who was granted British citizenship after he fled from Pakistan as a fugitive from justice. At that time he was facing 234 registered criminal cases including 44 murder charges and 18 torture charges. MQM is controlled by Mr Altaf in mafia-style, with his word being the law. Detractors face the ultimate punishment – death, carried out through the private armed force maintained at his Karachi barricaded headquarters known as nine zero.

On Mr. Hussain’s orders MQM was involved in the 12th may 2007 carnage in Karachi where 48 people were killed and 200 sustained bullet wounds, including 10*** workers belonging to the PTI. Most recently, and at a time when the MQM is a coalition partner in the federal and provincial governments, Mr Hussain sought to incite ethnic violence by calling on his supporters to arm themselves and fight ‘Talibanization’ – a label he tried to put on two million Pakhtun workers of Karachi. As a result 36 people were killed over two days of violence.

In 2007, on two occasions the federal court of Canada ruled that MQM met the legal definition of a terrorist organization and its members could not be given political asylum. In addition, US state department website describes the MQM as a violent organization.

Considering that the British government has arrested people on mere suspicion in the Heathrow case and the recent Pakistani student’s case, it is shocking to find that no investigation has been conducted into the activities of Mr Hussain despite his public criminal record in Pakistan. It is hoped that the British PM would hold enquiry into Altaf Hussain’s activities in Pakistan in the light of British law on terrorism”.


PPP leader asks Ebad to resign:

Member PPP Sindh council, Suhail Ansari has said his party workers would foil all conspiracies being hatched to create violence in the City before or on May 12. Ansari alleged that all such conspiracies were being hatched from the Governors House and demanded immediate resignation of Sindh governor Dr Ishratul Ebad khan. He demanded the recovery of illegal arms not only in Lyari and Sohrab Goth, but from the whole of Karachi including Al-Karam Square, Azizabad, New Karachi, Liaquatabad, Korangi and Orange areas under the supervision of the Pakistan army.

The above reminds me of when the Sindh chief minister along with his law enforcers were sent on forced leave on May 12, 2007 and Ishratul Ebad set up control centre in the Governors House with Wasim Akhtar as his area commander in the killing fields of Karachi. I am attaching a column by Gen. ® Mirza Aslam Beg which needs to be read and reread.

Khurshid Anwer


2 Responses to “Imran Khan Vs Altaf Hussain May 08”

  1. Asif Ali Says:

    Let me tell you an interesting story Imran’s friend told me:

    Once a cobra bit Imran Khan’s leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.

  2. Asif Ali Says:

    How can an ex-cricket captain and a playboy “front” Mr. Altaf Hussain who is the “Crowned King” of all down-trodden 98% people and whose service and sincerity record stands un-beatable as of today.

    Imran Khan, as far as I am concerned can make onions cry, delete the recycle bin – I wonder if Imran can reply to these questions:

    1) He is working on somebody else’s (Freemasonry) agenda
    2) He is to raise his stakes and his ratings in Pak politics
    3) He is trying to stress that he hates the People of Karachi
    4) He is imploring that Imran is basically a racist whose lineage comes from the fore-fathers who hated Bengalis and people of other ethnic groups.
    5) Imran is polluting the minds of “Punjabis” as well the other ethnic entities in Pakistan
    6) Imran should be accused of “taking” an internal matter of this country to another country, when he went on a spree to England to oust Altaf Hussain from that country.
    7) Imran is embarrassing his own people and crushing the spirit of the people
    8) Imran is seriously committing a crime by disrespecting the “vote-bank” of the people of Karachi whose majority has chosen MQM to represent them in Provincial and National Assemblies
    9) Imran is trying to turn the attention of the people of Pakistan to some petty-matters instead of following the main issues
    10) Imran is also accused of “crushing” the harmony of the people of this country by creating an “air-lock” against MQM in the minds of the people as well as establishment

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