Majority of Malakand Taliban are outsiders: IDPs

Daily Times   07 May, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Majority of the Malakand Division’s IDPs sheltering in Rawalpindi says the Taliban in their areas are mostly not locals. The IDPs, who requested anonymity for security reasons, told Daily Times on Wednesday that the Taliban occupying their areas were Pushtun but they didn’t speak the local dialect.

They said some Taliban spoke Persian. They said the Taliban had engaged some ‘unemployed’ youth by giving them Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 a month and weapons, double cabin vehicles and sumptuous food. The IDPs said the Taliban had been freely moving in their areas for the last many years but police and security forces were ignorant to their activities.

A displaced person from village Ushri Dara, Dir, claimed that of late, the Taliban ordered the owners of mini trucks to gather at a place before transporting weapons and ammunitions to their bastion in the mountains in over 300 trucks. Another IDP from Lower Dir said the Taliban bought milk from one of his neighbours at a price higher than that of the market.

He claimed one morning the neighbour reached the milk delivery place before the stipulated time and saw the Taliban clean-shaven with long artificial beards in their hands. He said the Taliban beat up the milkman and warned him of ‘dire consequences’ if he reported the incident to anyone. Most of the IDPs opted not to speak against the Taliban. staff report



One Response to “Majority of Malakand Taliban are outsiders: IDPs”

  1. koolblue Says:

    Over the past few years whenever the subject of Aliens/Al Qaida/Taliban was on television, those of us non Pashtuns who have either studied, work and grown up there, have viewed with much skepticism the facial features of those individuals, a close friend, a retired Army Officer who has also served in the region and I have talked often and agree that a whole lot of those are NOT Pashtuns! anything but!!! our suspicions have now been confirmed in fact more than that the presence of AMERICAN Mercenaries, thousands of then hired/funded by the AXIS-India America Israel are there operating against our Motherland! Black Water’s existence we know of because they were exposed by some over zealous operatives, what is there to stop the AXIS from using them or others like them?! The false beards, the hidden faces, the interpreters, the uncircumcised male operatives (Christian & Hindu or non-Muslim) but NOT Muslim a true Pashtun will always be circumcised!!!
    So do we want these aliens floating around the lenght and breadth of our Motherland?! the slitting throats, is barbaric, the central Asian republics are also very much present here, as are the Arabs. Talking of which, why is the kingdom of Arabia not coming out into the open to oppose these frightfully barbaric goings on? Afraid that they may become a second venue for similiar activity or are they doling out the cash to to keep them busy in our Motherland?!

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