Scapegoats Galore May ‘05


Does Farooq Sattar really expect us to believe the following (tell a lie so big that it floors the listener).

– May 12, 2007 was a conspiracy against MQM to give it a bad name, by the opposition parties (no mention of the PPP).

– The present violence is because of the land and drug mafia, MQM has no hand in it (MQM never has any hand in any violence in Karachi).

– There will be a shutter down strike on May 12 to mourn the MQM dead who died in self-defence (no mention of how the others died)

– MQM activists possess weapons because of the law and order situation (you take over another person’s home*** and the law and order will get disturbed for sure)

*** When Imran Khan announced he would take Altaf Husain to court in UK, a native Sindhi, Rasul Bux Palejo said, “Imran Khan has won the hearts of all the Sindhis”.

This holier-than-thou, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouth, totally-divorced-from-reality, talking-a-mile-to-the-inch attitude of the MQM spokespersons like Farooq Sattar nullifies the good work being done by people like Mustafa Kamal and some others. On the other hand there are those who have blood on their hands. The very reason why Zaradari was constrained not to let the independent judges make a come back, bringing the country to a standstill for a whole year.

Why has no one ever been arrested in Karachi for the many murders that routinely take place there. Because the culprits and law enforcement authorities are on the same side and the latter conveniently look the other way. Did not this happen on May 12, 2007 when the Police and the Rangers locked themselves up in their Posts. I have this on the authority of Asfandyar Wali Khan, who told Jasmeen Manzoor that when one of his men knocked at the door of a locked-from-inside Police Post asking for help for his injured brother lying on the road, the reply from inside came, we are not allowed to come outside.

PPP is never one to be left behind (even on matters of credibility). A TV channel news report has revealed that 15,000. licences for weapons have been issued in the last few months. It is not know to whom they have been issued, the weapons are not even registered. The reporter said that it is a frequent happening that a car comes to a stop, some masked men come out, spray bullets all around, and leave. The police just look on, no arrests are made.

PM Gillani has once again done the right thing in ordering impounding of unlicenced, prohibited bore weapons. He should now get his personal security doubled.

– Footnote: Imran Khan may come to Karachi, says the chief minister. Is Imran Khan not a citizen of Pakistan. Is Karachi not a part of Pakistan?

Khurshid Anwer


One Response to “Scapegoats Galore May ‘05”

  1. Taimoor Says:

    Lots of good stories Abu… keep em coming…
    although you may need to re organize your categories

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