The Pushtuns

The Pashtuns are a hardy race of people; add to that the fact that they have strong independent personalities plus their age old romance with weapons, projects a very hardy image which others have a tough time contending with!

They have therefore been left alone to deal with their circumstances; had the rest of the country not been so intimidated by these tough people, today they would be like the rest! Happily it is never too late to work out and apply solutions to drag them into the mainstream; I say drag because they have been left alone too long.

The part of Pakistan that the Pashtuns live in beyond the settled areas, should never have been left alone and allowed to fend for themselves that’s where the real development was needed and should have been initiated; same goes for Baluchistan.

Main question is, how do we get rid of the Feudals and their selfish mindsets!

To end Islam was never in danger, is not in danger and never will be in danger!

As I am myself a proponent of some of those ideas! Arm the people is what I have always said! It is the peoples fight if the state fails to protect, however, our Army the best darned fighting force in the Islamic world is NOT trained nor equipped to take on insurgents in their conventional methods they need to rearm and retrain special units for this kind of conflict also because our soldiers are mentally trained to fight the non believers so when facing people who seem to be our own they have a major clash within themselves; not realising that 50% are not Pakistani or Muslims!!


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